Tyranny Update: Unelected Michelle Obama Announces Changes to Food Labels

Michelle Obama, who has led the #banbossy politically correct mantra, is up to her bossy ways again, butting into the lives of Americans in a way that no unelected person should be able to. Heck, she’s not only unelected, she’s not even a bureaucrat, who, by the way, also have no authority to change law. What she is, however, is a controlling elitist who believes, although she has no background or degree in nutrition, that she knows what’s best for you in regards to eating and nutrition.

On Friday, Michelle announced that the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, would mandate changes to food and nutrition labels as part of her “Let’s Move” program. Her end goal, according to the controlist Obama, is to get Americans to eat better.

The changes mandate that companies, who are said to strenuously object, provide information on sugar added to their products as well as alter the serving sizes to reflect how much Americans really eat. Companies will also have to add Vitamin D and potassium to their products, two things that Michelle Obama and the FDA charge are ““nutrients Americans often do not get enough of.” Food labels will also have to be changed to revise the fine print on them.

This new rule will affect 800,000 products and must be implemented within the next two years.

Bossy Michelle praised the FDA for this newest overregulation.

“I am thrilled that the FDA has finalized a new and improved Nutrition Facts label that will be on food products nationwide. This is going to make a real difference in providing families across the country the information they need to make healthy choices.”

First, Michelle Obama set her sights on the children mandating changes in the lunch menus, which incidentally weren’t applied to her children’s high dollar, elitist school. These changes resulted in revolts from children around the country with #ThanksMichelleObama, with the thanks said tongue in cheek, trending on Twitter numerous times. Students around the country tweeted pictures of their paltry servings and gross looking food to the hashtag as they revolted against the busybody Michelle.

Now, as her dictator-wannabe husband is nearing the end of his term, the meddlesome Michelle is ramping up her efforts to send a message to Americans that she knows what’s best for them.

I have a message for you, Michelle. Get your nose out of our business. We didn’t elect you to an office and you have no power, nor educational background, to affect these changes. Shame on the FDA for appeasing your controlist attitude.


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
Jennifer is a Co-Founder of PolitiStick and the Editor-in-Chief. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a certified teacher with 12 years experience in the classroom. Jennifer attended what is credited for being the first modern-day Tea Party rally in the country in the Seattle area and from there emerged as a powerful speaker and writer within the movement. While still in Washington State, Jennifer was selected to be a member of the second graduating class of the Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute (JDLI), a program which identified future conservative leaders. Jennifer worked as the National Outreach Director for one of the largest conservative groups in the country and served as Managing Editor and writer for what quickly grew to become one of the top 15 conservative sites in the country. She brings to Politistick a passion for the fight for freedom for current and future generations.

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