U.S. Chamber of ‘Crony Capitalism’ Launches Deceiving New Ad Supporting RINO John McCain [VIDEO]

“Real leadership means getting things done,” seems to be the message the new ad in support of the re-election bid of RINO Senator John McCain, 79, from the Obama illegal amnesty supporting U.S. Chamber of Commerce, an organization “The Great One,” constitutional scholar Mark Levin appropriately refers to as the “Chamber of Crony Capitalism” for the organization’s schemes that benefit big business and big government.

“Leadership isn’t assumed — it isn’t given or assigned. Real leadership is delivered,” the ad begins, a direct contrast to what has happened in the political career of John McCain, whose “leadership” was “assumed” because of his military record several decades ago, prior to him replacing the late, great Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater.

“By saying ‘no’ to wasteful spending, ‘no’ to bigger government, and ‘yes’ to growing our economy,” the ad continues, apparently assuming viewers are stupid enough to associate those results with RINO McCain’s voting record, which has supported all kinds of bloated budgets, deficits and debt ceiling increases in his political career.

The incredibly misleading ad then shifts to the military, saying, “Leadership is protecting those who risked everything for America.” Are they talking about the Phoenix V.A. hospital? How’s that working out?

Or maybe it was the time McCain equated a Muslim terrorist shouting “Allahu Akhbar” is the same as Christian yelling “Thank God.” Was that supporting our military, or was that giving aide to enemies of America and freedom?

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“As far as Senator McCain, I have nothing but respect and great sympathy for the pain and suffering he endured … but that doesn’t mean that you get to become a senator and ruin the country,” Congressman Louie Gohmert recently told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV. “It may give you a chance to be a senator but once you’re there, your merits have to stand on their own. In recent years he’s been pro-amnesty, he’s been wrong on so many things,” Gohmert added.

Despite McCain’s broken promise to “build the dang fence” during his 2010 re-election bid, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce LOVES McCain’s support of open borders and funding of Obama’s illegal amnesty. The free ad support from the Chamber is payback for the broken promise to Arizona and America. The Chamber’s big business members are thirsty for the dirt cheap labor that illegal immigration provides, even if the American worker gets screwed.

It’s a dirty deal, the kind John McCain has built a career on making.

You see, John McCain hasn’t delivered leadership. That is, unless you call funding Obamacare, Obama’s illegal amnesty “leadership,” voting for endless debt ceiling increases and lying to the American people and Arizona voters “leadership.”

It’s election season, and McCain will once again run as a raging principled conservative, attempting to fool voters as he’s done since 1987, only to govern like a liberal Democrat. McCain has received a failing score of “F,” an abysmal 43% “Liberty Score” rating from Conservative Review.

McCain’s 2016 re-election bid is being challenged by Republicans Alex Meluskey and Kelli Ward. Meluskey is a small businessman, radio talk show host and FAIRtax champion. Ward is currently a state senator in Arizona.

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Watch the ad below, if you can stand the lies and deception:

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Matthew K. Burke
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