UC-Merced Faculty MOURN ISIS-Inspired Campus Stabber. Hold “Teach In” to Better Understand Him.

On November 4th, 2015, an ISIS-inspired 18-year-old student, Faisal Mohammed, went on a stabbing spree on the campus of the University of California- Merced. The young man who stabbed 3 people with a 10-inch hunting knife during a rampage was shot and killed by pursuing campus police. Authorities were conspicuously tardy with releasing the name of the attacker and many attribute this feet-dragging to the now-routine habit of leftists downplaying the role of Islam in attacks.

Not only was Mohammed an adherent to radical Islamic beliefs, but was also in possession of an ISIS flag.

Curiously, when a Confederate flag was found after a shooting, the media led a national cultural jihad against all things Confederate and Southern. But the ISIS flag is, so far as the leftist media and Obama Administration Muslim protectors are concerned, irrelevant.

After the death of Mohammed, one would think that the university would want to close this sad chapter in the school’s history, right?

Instead, a significant portion of the fanatically-“progressive” school has mourned this terrorist and has sought to understand him better. Faculty members are even holding “teach-ins” to try and identify the contributing factors to this violence (such as masculine culture) while all-but ignoring the Islamic element.

The College Fix reports:

Many at the University of California-Merced are mourning the 18-year-old student who went on a vicious stabbing spree before being shot and killed by a campus police officer, with a “R.I.P” tribute to Faisal Mohammad on Facebook gaining massive support among the campus community.

Faculty also held a “teach in” Monday night that was conspicuously devoid of discussions of radical Islam, and instead delved into topics such as how society’s notions of masculinity pressure men.

After his rampage, Mohammad was found to have an image of the ISIS flag, a handwritten manifesto with instructions on how to behead someone, and reminders to pray to Allah, but the campus community appears to largely agree with authorities and university officials who insist his motives were grounded in revenge for being kicked out of a study group.

The student stabbed four people on the Northern California campus earlier this month before he was killed by the officer to end the attack. All four victims are expected to make full recoveries, the Merced Sun Star reports.

The “Don’t Turn Our Tragedy Into Hate” teach in, hosted by the critical race and ethnic studies faculty, focused in on subjects such as: “What does mental health have to do with this?”; “Why are men more likely to be perpetrators of violence?”; “How do we define our community – what lives are grievable?”; and “What do race and religion have to do with this?”

One speaker during the panel discussion delved into what she claimed was the quintessential example of manliness: “Middle class, able bodied, heterosexual, red meat, probably Christian,” she said, according to an audio recording of the event obtained by The College Fix.

“Anger, that is really what we think about when we think about emotional men,” she continued. “They are subject to social sanctions if they deviate from masculinity. If you are perceived as failing at it, you are subject to being called a fag, a pussy, a wimp, pretty much what women are, right?”

“So when you have this limited ability to sort of express your emotions and possible feelings of emasculation, of low self esteem, how do you really [deal with] that? A lot of times they … engage in violence. They need to compensate for their loss of masculinity in the most manly way they have access to, and unfortunately, a lot of times that’s violence.”

It’s clear that we, as a nation, have lost our damn minds. We are currently a nation that routinely suppresses the freedom of religion of millions of Christians by forcing them to fund abortions and recognize the legitimacy of homosexual unions, but a fanatical tolerance of Islam compels these same tyrants to empathize with bloodthirsty killers and advocate for the importation of tens-of-thousands of Muslim refugees from ISIS’ main area of operation.

Words cannot describe the mind-numbing lunacy of the modern-day left.

These are truly the end of days for our republic and our American culture…

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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