Ugh! Obama White House Praises Nikki Haley Following Response to SOTU

Obama Nikki Haley

The Obama White House is extremely happy with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley following her response to the Obama State of the Union address on Tuesday evening.

Strangely, Haley spent much of her speech not going after Obama, but instead thought it was a good idea to attack GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Sounding like an establishment RINO squish in the same vein as low-energy candidate Jeb Bush, Haley encouraged Americans to not listen to the “angriest” voices — a clear shot at the bombastic billionaire and reality TV star who is a member of the Republican Party.

“During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices,” Nikki Haley said. ‘We must resist that temptation. No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country,” she urged.

The message was virtually identical to the remarks of Marxist Obama himself, who gets away with using the most incendiary and explosive rhetoric against Americans — but ran to the defense of his Muslim Brotherhood masters while taking a clear shot at Donald Trump.

“When politicians insult Muslims … that doesn’t make us safer,” Obama said, as Democrats clapped like seals. “It’s just wrong. It diminishes us in the eyes of the world. It makes it harder to achieve our goals.”

The Obama White House was gushing in approval over Haley’s attack on Trump.

The Hill reports that the Obama White House was gushing in approval of Nikki Haley’s speech.

“I have a lot of admiration for the governor,” White House chief of staff Denis McDonough told reporters at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. “I think some of the things she has done over the last year are remarkable.”

Haley, elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010, immediately became a disappointment for endorsing RINO Mitt Romney in 2011 over more conservative candidates.

More recently, Haley has been under fire for bowing to the false progressive god of political correctness, agreeing to remove the Confederate Flag, a historic emblem of the South, from the state capitol because one murderer was found with the flag in the background of one picture.

Shameful: New Orleans City Council Votes To Tear-Down Their Monuments To Southern Heroes

The decision by Haley made politically correct Democrat leftists even more hungry to destroy Southern heritage.

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