Uh Oh: Hispanic Voters Have Some Really Bad News for Lawless Democrat Leaders

Democrat Leaders in the House and Senate, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Steny Hoyer, Patty Murray (L to R)

One of the most racist things about the current progressive leftist Democrat Party is that they assume all Hispanic voters are lawless — that legal immigrants want illegal immigration — that legal, law-abiding and patriotic American immigrant citizens who came to the country legally, want open borders and illegal sanctuary cities, liberal enclaves that harbor illegal aliens against federal laws requiring deportation.

A new scientific poll crushes that bigoted Democrat Party narrative.

A survey for Secure America Now finds that a majority of Hispanic voters, even though more voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, approve of deporting criminal illegal aliens by a 56% to 31% margin.

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Moreover, the poll found that a majority of voters support cutting off federal grants to cities that break the law by refusing to turn in criminal aliens by a 59% to 29% margin, and almost seven in 10 Americans (69%), approve of President Trump’s executive order to end “catch and release,” an Obama regime policy.

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Democrat leaders really don’t care much about the above numbers or the views of those even within their own party rank and file. They desperately need voters and importing foreigners who don’t speak the national language, don’t want to assimilate, and are easy targets for government dependence, make illegal immigrants excellent candidates to be Democrat voters.

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h/t: Washington Examiner

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