UK Reporter Asks Trump About UK’s Immigration Problems; Trump’s BLUNT Answer is AMAZING


Donald Trump has made it no secret that if elected president, he intends to finally address one of the greatest problems facing America: illegal immigration.

The 2016 Republican candidate is leading the polls and his tough talk on important issues has resonated with the conservative base that makes up the GOP.

On Thursday, Trump arrived at the Women’s British Open at Turnberry. Trump purchased the hotel and golf course in 2014 and renamed it Trump Turnberry.

The news of his arrival prompted reporters to form an impromptu Q&A, which the Donald happily obliged.

Trump answered questions and reminded reporters that according to some polls, he is popular amongst U.S. Hispanics and he claimed confidence in being able to earnt eh Hispanic vote in 2016.

However, as Trump began to leave, a reporter attempted to bait him into answering more questions by asking if the UK had an illegal immigration problem and if the UK should “build a wall.”

Trump offered his standard brand of brash truth-telling, saying, “That’s your problem, not my problem.”

Many view Europe as a more “progressive” society that often employs policies advocated for by liberals. While the results have certainly been a mixed bag, the economics of much of Europe highlights the failures of democratic socialism and the lax immigration standards have led to cultural rifts between native Europeans and Middle Eastern immigrants who have become more and more vocal about the need for European culture to assimilate to Middle Eastern customs instead of the other way around.

Trump’s stand against illegal immigration has resonated with conservatives who see the obvious economic and cultural problems stemming from an open border that allows millions into the country to compete with Americans for jobs.


“That’s your problem” – the view of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump when asked about the migrant crisis in Britain.A defiant Mr Trump – widely criticised for his controversial comments on Mexican immigration to the US – has arrived in Scotland.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Thursday, July 30, 2015


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