Ultimate Dealmaker? Why is this Pic of Trump Lighting Up Twitter?

Look, I understand that people change. I know that Ronald Reagan was a Democrat for years before seeing the light and becoming not only a Republican but the most conservative president in modern-day history. But, Reagan could not only explain his conversion beyond, “People change and so and so did, too.” He could articulate precisely why he left the Democrat Party. Beyond that, he spent years campaigning for conservative politicians and educating people on conservative ideals.

So, no. Despite what Trump supporters desperately want people to believe, Trump is no Ronald Reagan. It takes more than having once been a Democrat and now saying you are a Republican. In fact, the argument can be made that outside of his stance on immigration and wanting to bomb the sh*t out of ISIS, Trump possesses a lot of progressive ideology and friends.

Trump supporters love to say that he is not owned by anyone because he is financing his own campaign. But, by his own admission, he has been part of the problem with corruption in the cesspool of Washington, D.C. by lining the pockets of anyone that he felt could get him what he wanted, to get ahead in his business.

Every time Trump defends his large donations to those who have gone against the freedom of the American people, he says it was just business. But, it wasn’t ‘just business’ because Trump developed cozy relationships with the most anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Constitution Democrats out there.

From Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel, Trump has rubbed elbows and lavished praised upon these entrenched and corrupt Democrats. So, it shouldn’t be shocking that he also called as his friend top race hustling, progressive hater, Al Sharpton.

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Barely one year ago, Trump tweeted this picture of himself cozied up with Sharpton, the racial arsonist and professional grievance industry profiteer.

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Notice in this picture that Trump looks a little younger and Sharpton looks a little thinner. That shows you just how long he’s had a cozy relationship with this rabid hater.

Take note as well of the date, December 15, 2014. During this time, the black supremacist bigots from Black Lives Matter had been burning down cities, calling for the murder of police officers, blocking roads and highways, flooding shopping malls and other places of business all based upon the lie that Al Sharpton propagated regarding the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri — the hands up, don’t shoot narrative that has been proven to be a lie.

Donald Trump gets that, and he happily tweeted a picture of him and his friend Sharpton with huge smiles on their faces.

Is this what dealmaking and getting things done looks like to the current GOP presidential frontrunner?

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