Ultimate Slam of Barack Obama’s Cozy Relationship with Planned Butcherhood in One Tweet

Actor James Woods has made a name for himself on Twitter as being unafraid to go after, ridicule, attack and call out progressives and the destruction they cause. He is one Hollywood actor who let’s his conservative show and shine.

Amid the controversy of the Planned Parenthood baby butchering and body parts harvesting operation, the Democrats and their sycophants in the liberal media have attempted to convince America that committing felonies and selling baby body parts is really no big deal. After all, they equate the murder of babies in the womb as health care for women. But, James Woods paints a different picture and it is spot on and powerful.

Woods tweeted a picture of Barack Obama, a staunch supporter of infanticide throughout his political career, embracing Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, daughter of the late-Democrat Texas Governor Ann Richards, with a big hug. The caption provided by Woods is fantastic.


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Planned Parenthood and abortion goes hand in hand. Despite their claims that they provide health care for women, the financial backbone of their organization is the murder of babies in the womb. Even more sick is the fact that killing the baby wasn’t enough for them. They saw additional dollar signs in illegally altering the abortion procedure in order to preserve and harvest baby organs.

And Obama supports their work so much that he asked God to bless them.


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h/t Allen West


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