Unearthed Video Shines a Spotlight on Obama’s Divisive Views on Race

Although Barack Obama campaigned prior to his 2008 presidential victory on uniting the country, claiming he was the only candidate who could accomplish such a feat, he has done the exact opposite since he assumed the office of the presidency.

In addition to using the power of government to harass and punish those deemed to be his political enemies, as well as rewarding his political allies, Obama has divided the country along racial lines serving the country more like a community agitator than the President of the United States. A newly unearthed video sheds tremendous light on Obama’s obsession with race as well as his tendency to lay constant claims of racism on the part of whites while his Department of Justice which said that whites cannot be victims of racial injustice.

Two interesting and disturbing things to point out from the video are a statement made by Obama’s mother-in-law Marian Robinson, who lives with the Obamas at the White House, and Obama’s upbringing.

Mrs. Robinson made the comment that she was glad that Obama was not white, or rather appeared to be black instead of white. After all, though he rarely reveals this preferring instead to make the claim that he is the first black president, Barack Obama is bi-racial, half white and half black.

“That didn’t concern me as much as had he been completely white,” Robinson said with a wide grin. “I guess I worry about races mixing because of the difficulty, not so much for the presidency, it’s just very hard.”

Another is the description of Obama’s upbringing.

Obama did not grow up in inner-city America. He grew up in a very affluent family, living his formidable years with his white grandparents in Hawaii. He attended a privileged and predominantly white school along with children of wealthy plantation owners, businessmen and politicians.

He went from that elite school to predominantly white, and radical, Occidental College in Los Angeles. For graduate school, he sought to have a ‘more black experience’ at Columbia University. Although his name was legally changed from Barack Obama to Barry Soetero, he began going to Barack once again in college.

In speaking about Obama’s experience growing up, Obama’s great uncle said, “He wasn’t raised black because he was raised in a white family and raised as if he were a white boy and I’m sure that caused all kinds of conflicts in his mind.”

After college and law school, Obama put the final nail in the coffin of the denial of his upbringing, and essentially the white side of himself, using his law degree in his role as a radical community agitator in the political cesspool of Chicago.

h/t The American Mirror

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