Unhinged New Black Panther King Pin Loses Control on White News Contributor

Quanell X is a known rabble-rouser and race-baiter in the Houston area. A former leader in the New Black Panthers black supremacy group, Quanell X actually spent a day taking a walk in the shoes of police officers earlier this year learning firsthand the split second decision that officers must often make. It gave a different perspective to a man who is one of the first to ‘take it to the streets’ in protest of police after a shooting involving an officer.

Recently, Quanell X participated in a debate with a former inner city teacher and current FOX 26 Houston contributor Angela Box. The two discussed the firing of a South Carolina high school resource officer and football coach who was dismissed from his job after video surfaced of him removing a female student from the classroom.

A teacher and an administrator had both already told the student to leave the classroom. The student refused and the officer was then called to remove the student. The student hit the officer and the officer proceeded to physically remove the student since the student still refused to comply.

Videos don’t always tell the entire story, and the video that has circulated certainly did not have the entire story. Though there were many students, including black students, at the school stood by the officer, it was not enough to save his job.

Quanell X argued that the man should actually be charged and that a counselor should have been called, even though a teacher and administrator were unsuccessful in getting the girl to comply with their directive, instead of a school officer. All learning stopped in that classroom because one student would not obey authority and classroom rules.

Here is some of the conversation between Quanell X and Box as transcribed by Progressives Today.

Box: I think it’s high time we start adressing the root causes of all this. The disrespect of teachers, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, this perpetual chip on your shoulder against everybody that’s not like yourself. It’s got to stop. We’ve got to address the culture.

Quanell X: Lets deal with the culture of these crazy, frenetic, white boys who go in schools with guns and shoot everybody! Columbine, killing the kids at the elementary school, the shootings in other cities across America have ALL been crazy little WHITE BOYS shooting up innocent people! So let’s study that culture!

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These two are not strangers to one another. Box was forced to resign from her job as a teacher in the Houston Independent School District after statements that she made on a YouTube channel about Muslims. Quanell X was relentless in his attack, accusing her of being a racist. His actions, Box believes, ultimately led to her forced resignation. She is currently suing Quanell X, the New Black Panther Nation and the New Black Muslim Movement.

It’s shameful that Quanell X wants to look at life through the rose-colored glasses of racism. He so desperately wants to continue to attack white people that he refuses to even acknowledge the rampant black on black violence that is destroying the black community.

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