Unintentionally Hilarious: Clinton Communications Director MELTS DOWN Trying to Explain Email Scandal

What was it that they said about Watergate? “It wasn’t just the crime; it was the cover-up.” Hillary Clinton has much to explain. Beyond her dereliction of duty as Secretary of State and her allowing our Americans to die without lifting a finger to help, Hilary must also answer for the cover-up and her complete unwillingness to comply with Congressional demands.

But, luckily for her, she has people to deal with such matters. One such person is Jennifer Palmieri, the Clinton Campaign’s Communications Director. Her job is to adequately explain issues related to Clinton and as a communications director, her chief attribute is her ability to handle the media.

However, when it came time to discuss the email scandal threatening the campaign, Palmieri explained the scandal about as eloquently as a drunk parrot with brain damage.

Palmieri spoke with Bloomberg News and stumbled to try and explain the email scandal by insisting that nobody was questioning Jeb Bush about his email server, comparing the email scandal to “deflategate,” the scandal surrounding Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, and suggesting that the unsecured server upon which Clinton sent emails that contained classified documents might actually be more secure than the State Department’s top-level secure server.

At one point, Palmieri defended Clinton by insisting that “Classified information, by definition, means that it is marked,” referencing the fact that Clinton maintains that the breach in security is not her fault as she received and transmitted classified material, but was merely the passive recipient of such material.

Host John Heilemann noted Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, which noted that top government officials are responsible for the preservation of classified material and should conduct business on official servers precisely for this reason. .

“We’ve seen government officials convicted for handling, including David Petreaus, convicted of crimes for handling classified material that was not marked classified,” Heilemann noted.

Palmieri stumbled and Heilemann noted,

“It is against the law to have classified material in an unauthorized location, that is the case. This would be an argument to keep your material in an authorized location.”

“That would suggest you can’t speak or ever write,” Palmieri rebutted. “People need to be able to work, they need to be able to communicate.”

Of course, the obvious question is: “Of course we understand that the Secretary of State needed to communicate with her subordinates. Why would she not do that on the official State Department server?”- a question the Clinton Campaign simply won’t stop dodging.

The interview is unintentionally hilarious and suggests choppy waters ahead for the campaign as Palmieri gets paid to skillfully and smoothly explain-away her boss’ behavior.

If the paid media-wrangler of the Clinton Campaign cannot even come moderately close to explaining Hillary’s actions, there appears little chance that the uncharismatic and testy 2016 presidential hopeful will be able to do much better.

A hilarious compilation courtesy of The Washington Free Beacon:

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