University Uses Student Money to Host Discussion on ‘Safe Spaces’ for ‘Fat, Gay Men’

When one sends their child off to college, the (ever-rising) cost is often believed to be fostering higher education. The tuition and fees, parents often believe, provide capable teachers, cutting-edge equipment and administrative necessities.

What students get in return, however, is often unabashed liberal indoctrination and wholesale intolerance masquerading as social justice.

The University of California- Santa Barbara (UCSB) has confirmed that student fees will be used to fund a new event dedicated to exploring  “the anti-fat stigma that persists in American culture,” specifically for “fat, gay men.”

The event is a discussion of the book “Fat, Gay Men: Mirth, Girth, and the Politics of Stigma” with author Dr. Jason Whitesel of Pace University and is being hosted by the UCSB Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity to help better explore the stigma surrounding obese homosexuals.

“To be fat in a thin-obsessed gay culture can be difficult,” the description of the event reads. “Despite affectionate in-group monikers for big gay men—chubs, bears, cubs—the anti-fat stigma that persists in American culture at large still haunts these individuals who often exist at the margins of gay communities.”

To help better understand the issue, Whitesel “delves into the world of Girth & Mirth, a nationally known social club dedicated to big gay men,” which the description later claims “has long been a refuge and ‘safe space’ for such men.”

Whitesel claims that as a homosexual himself, he “offers an insider’s critique of the gay movement, questioning whether the social consequences of the failure to be height-weight proportionate should be so extreme in the gay community.”

Carlos Flores, a student at UCSB, discovered the event via an email sent-out by the resource center. While he noted that he does not have a problem with the event per se, the fact that taxpayer money and his hard-earned dollars are being used to finance the absurdity is what bothers the student.

“As I understand it, they’re using taxpayer money and my tuition dollars to talk about how to sodomize overweight men, which doesn’t seem like the best use of that money,” he stated. “I don’t think the university should be using my funds to hold a morally questionable event—they’re free to do it, but I’d rather they spent someone else’s money.”

The supreme hallmark of liberal thinking is the complete willingness to spend other peoples’ money with reckless disregard as to what they may want. Rather than allow students to keep more of their money and charge admission to such a filthy and ridiculous event, school officials appear much more at-ease with financing morally-objectionable discussions with collective money taken from students and taxpayers.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
An unapologetic patriot and conservative, Greg emerged within the blossoming Tea Party Movement as a political analyst dedicated to educating and advocating for the preservation of our constitutional principles and a free-market solution to problems birthed by economic liberalism. From authoring scathing commentaries to conducting interviews with some of the biggest names in politics today including party leaders, activists and conservative media personalities, Greg has worked to counter the left’s media narratives with truthful discussions of the biggest issues affecting Americans today. Greg’s primary area of focus is Second Amendment issues and the advancement of honest discussion concerning the constitutional right that protects all others. He lives in the Northwest with his wife, Heather, and enjoys writing, marksmanship and the outdoors.

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