U.S. Secret Service Responds to Trump’s Comments that ‘Second Amendment People’ Could ‘Do Something’ About a Prez Hillary

On Monday, Donald Trump ended the day on a positive note after delivering his economics speech in Detroit, Michigan. Trump received kudos for staying on message and not responding to the numerous protestors and hecklers who interrupted his speech. Granted, that’s a pretty low set bar but a definite change from how he typically dealt with protesters.

But the very next day, as Hillary Clinton was under fire for having the father of the Orlando terrorist, Omar Mateen, who killed nearly 50 people in the homosexual Pulse nightclub in Orlando right behind her in clear view of the camera as she spoke. Like clockwork, however, Trump took the focus off of anything negative about Clinton and made headlines once again with a statement that was both stupid and reckless.

Speaking at a campaign rally, Trump said, “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people maybe there is — I don’t know.”

The Trump campaign attempted to clean up his statement by issuing a statement about the “dishonest media” misconstruing his words. He claimed he was simply rallying Second Amendment supporters to vote. Sadly, the NRA provided cover for Trump’s stupid statement rather than demanding that he be careful with his words.

However, as Ben Shapiro, editor of the Daily Wire, pointed out, Trump’s own words make it clear he was talking about after the election if Hillary should win, that there would be nothing you can do but a “Second Amendment person” could do something.

Even if this was a case of a poor choice of words, it’s clear that Trump’s words could be taken as someone “doing something” about Hillary. It feeds into the Left’s constant attempt to portray Second Amendment supporters as reckless, trigger happy, madmen ready to take someone out.

Obviously, the United States Secret Service took note of those words and how they could be interpreted based on this tweet sent from their official Twitter account.

Will the Secret Service find themselves the next target of a Donald Trump Twitter tirade for daring to make that statement?

Only time will tell.

Donald Trump needs to understand that words have meaning, and he is responsible for the words that come out of his mouth. Just as we conservatives have held Barack Obama responsible for his words that led to the rise of the Black Lives Matter terrorist movement, anyone who is intellectually honest and has a modicum of principles would have the same expectation for accountability for his words when it comes to Donald Trump.

Despite the spin his surrogates, spokespeople, and campaign attempt to put on his reckless words by saying “he’s a private citizen” so therefore somehow it doesn’t matter what he says, he is running for President and is the nominee of a major political party.

It’s time that he starts acting like it at the podium by his words and actions. There’s a difference between “telling it like it is” and being dumb about the words that come out of your mouth.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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