Vatican Supports Iran Deal, Blasts Israel for Having Nukes

Though the office of His Holiness has long been linked to politics, Pope Francis has stretched this relationship to the brink as he has weighed-in on countless political matters in furtherance of a so-called “progressive” agenda.

Now, Pope Francis is backing the disastrous Iran deal which threatens billions of lives while targeting Israel for criticism.

Pope Francis is expected to visit the U.S. later this month but before his arrival, the Vatican released a statement on Tuesday officially backing the Iran deal that offers the rogue state relief from international sanctions in exchange for a flimsy, unenforceable promise to slow their progress towards creating a nuclear weapon.

The money unfrozen from accounts and the lifting of economic sanctions will be used by Iran to likely heighten their funding of international terrorism. Iran remains the largest state sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism in the world.

The Vatican’s statement also calls for a nuclear-free Middle East- a clear jab at Israel, the only current nuclear power in the region.

The Vatican “values positively this agreement because it considers that the way to resolve disputes and difficulties should always be that of dialogue and negotiation,” Archbishop Paul Gallagher said in the statement.

The Vatican’s chief diplomat addressed the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency and declared the Vatican’s support, saying,

“It is clear that the agreement requires further efforts and commitment by all the parties involved in order for it to bear fruit. We hope that the full implementation of [the nuclear deal] will ensure the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program under the [Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty] and will be a definitive step toward greater stability and security in the region.”

Archbishop Gallagher called for a reduction of nuclear weapons worldwide and stated, “spending on nuclear weapons squanders the wealth of nations” and added “the dubious strategic rationales for maintaining and even strengthening” nuclear stockpiles are “morally problematic.”

Gallagher added, “How are these expenditures consistent with progress towards nuclear disarmament?”

Gallagher also called-out Israel, stating that the Vatican hoped for “the establishment of zones free of nuclear weapons … especially in the Middle East.”

The jab is clearly meant for Israel- the only nuclear power in the Middle East and the lone bastion of governmental stability in the region.

Of course, Gallagher and other pacifists have the luxury of speaking so idealistically as they remain divorced from the real world. The fact of the matter is that whether we like the idea of nuclear weapons or not, they exist and the promise of mutually-assured destruction coupled with the U.S.’s nuclear arsenal served as the defense that kept the world from nuclear annihilation or complete Soviet supremacy.

As the Vatican pontificates from atop the ivory tower, it is easy to wish for world peace and resolve to cleanse mankind of abhorrent weapons.

However, while the U.S. does the heavy-lifting in keeping the world stable, we require not unyielding praise, but would prefer that the Vatican be more thoughtful in their critiques and kinder to those who support us, like Israel, and tend to the world’s spiritual needs as the U.S. handles all the others.


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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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