Vice-Principal Says Only ‘Terrorists’ We Need to Fear are ‘White Christian Men’ with Guns. Gets to KEEP HIS JOB!

To the emotionally-driven and logic-bereft liberal, the Islamic jihadists who swear that it is their duty to God to kill Western infidels are not the real threats to Americans. To too many on the left, the greatest threats to Americans are the weather (they know it as “climate change”) and, evidently, White Christian males with firearms.

A school vice-principal has found himself in a bit of hot water after he announced on Facebook that “The only terrorists we need to fear are domestic white ‘Christian’ men with easy access to guns. Vote Bernie [Sanders].”

Of course, a man is entitled to his opinion; however, the principal’s remarks are startling to any who understand that this man is an integral part of shaping the minds and attitudes of hundreds of students in his charge and such an outrageous claim should rile administrators and parents alike.
However, nothing has been done about this racist misandrist.

Piet Lammert, the vice principal of Camden Hills Regional High School in Maine, took to his Facebook account after a lone gunman killed two civilians and a police officer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and vented his outrage about armed, Christian, white men. He posted:

It’s Small Business Saturday. Buy local

There’s a show in the Strom tonight. Buy tickets

The only terrorists we need to fear are domestic white “Christian” men with easy access to guns. Vote Bernie

That is all. Enjoy your day

Superintendent Maria Libby criticized the post, but somehow defended the author of it.

“I know Piet and he’s someone who genuinely accepts all people,” Libby told WGME. “The post does not reflect who he is as a person.”

“It was a mistake,” Libby said. “It was a poor choice in words and it should never have been posted.”

Libby assured that the situation “has been handled,” without noting any specifics.

“I have investigated it and I have taken appropriate action,” Libby claimed.

Oh, okay. That’s good. A school administrator revealed that he holds a deep mistrust of Americans, Christians, men and the Second Amendment, but as long as Libby says that he’s a good guy, let’s continue to allow the bigot the opportunity to help shape the minds of future generations of Americans while still persecuting those who do not strictly adhere to the left’s cultural and political standards of moral relativity and lawlessness.

Lammert initially offered a non-apology when he took to Facebook to “apologize” to “those I offended” while mainly explaining that his mistake was not adjusting his social media settings:

I am writing to take responsibility and apologize for a post that I made on my private Facebook account yesterday. I mistakenly left my setting open to “Public” and in doing so made a post that offended some members of our community and beyond. I deeply regret doing so, take full responsibility, and hope that those I offended will accept my apology.

Apparently, his weak apology was not good enough, so the Maine official offered a more-substantive mea culpa and wrote:

With true humility, I write to apologize for the offensive statement that I recently posted on Facebook. I did not intend this statement literally when I wrote it–it was an exaggeration–but soon after realized that it was unintentionally hurtful, offensive, and divisive at a time when more than ever we need compassion and understanding.

In short, I did not mean what I said and wish with all my heart that I could take it back. But I need to take responsibility for it nonetheless, because I wrote it. It does not represent who I am or what I believe, but I wrote it. This post is an effort to at least begin to make amends.

Had I simply written what I meant, the post would have reflected my urgent distress at the epidemic of mass violence in our country, which more recent events have proven to span all social groups. Ironically, in my effort to point out that we run the risk of simplifying the problem by singling out a particular ethnic group, I did exactly that to the group to which I belong. It was careless and rash.

Though Lammert is entitled to his opinion, we cannot be a society and pretend that our words do not have consequences.

In this outrageously politically-charged climate, it is almost routine to find yet another man or woman severely disciplined for maintaining conservative values. In the military, where the government has the firmest control over the individual, this breed of tyranny is the strongest.

However, even in the private sector, it is quite common to see severe consequences for utterances that pale in comparison to those written by Lammert.

Remember Brendan Eich? Eich was an innovative CEO of Mozilla and a pioneer in the tech world. However, when it was revealed in 2014 that he had merely donated to the Prop 8 campaign, the successful, voter-approved California initiative that banned same-sex marriage, the CEO was ousted from his position to quell the PC bloodlust.

If a man can have his career ruined for merely making a donation to a legitimate cause, why is Lammert allowed to stay and warp impressionable minds with his hate-filled, bigoted rhetoric?

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Greg Campbell
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