Victims of Trump University Speak Out in Damning New Ads [VIDEOS]

Democrat Hillary Clinton isn’t the only presidential candidate facing criminal charges and a potential lawsuit that could derail their campaign. GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is accused of fraud by the New York Attorney General over Trump University, which has been described as a fraud and a scam.

While few in the media have been talking about these very serious charges that could derail the presidential campaign of the bombastic billionaire and reality TV actor, one conservative group just released a series of ads that will push news of the Trump University fraud and scam into the spotlight.

The American Future Fund, a national non-profit conservative group that advocates for free markets and conservative principles, announced a multimillion dollar ad buy on Friday. The ads are running just ahead of Super Tuesday, a day where 11 states will hold their GOP presidential primaries.

The ads will feature individuals who say their lives were ruined when they fell for the lies and promises of the Trump money-making scheme.

When the New York AG filed the lawsuit in 2013, one of many that Trump is facing, they alleged that the bogus educational institution “relied on Trump’s name recognition and celebrity status to take advantage of consumers who believed in the Trump brand.”

Trump University was in operation from 2005 until 2010. Individuals paid between $1495 and $35,000 for seminars that promised real estate success.

The scandal of Trump University was highlighted by Marco Rubio during Thursday’s GOP Debate. Ads from the

Ads from the American Future Fund began running on Friday. The ads feature both male and female victims who detail how their lives were ruined when they fell for Trump’s lies.

Bob, a retiree, said he lost $35,000 to Trump University. Adding that he was”duped by the Donald,” Bob claimed that all he received was a picture of himself with a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump.

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Ashley, a single mom,  made the connection between her experience and so many Americans falling for Trump’s promises. She said she “made a huge mistake trusting [Trump]” and wants Americans to “not to make the same mistake.” All she wanted to do was provide for her family, but in the end, received nothing that would help her at all for her $35,000.

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Kevin explains that his credit and his life were ruined after he spent $30,000 on his Trump University experience. In the end, he says, “I became, ironically, a distressed homeowner, who almost was in pre-foreclosure, exactly the kind of person we were told to target.”

“You’ve got to remember there are 5,000 victims in this, and he’s living about as high as you can get. Trump University, they promised everything from start to finish; their expertise, their knowledge, their input, the financing. In the end, there’s no “their” there. They didn’t really deliver on anything. Trump is just a fraud, a misrepresentation, a BS artist.”

He ends powerfully with these words.

“America, don’t make the same mistake I made with Donald Trump.”

The stories of alleged fraud  these victims suffered at the hands of Donald Trump and Trump University stand in stark contrast to Trump’s repeated claims that he is for the little guy.

A spokesperson for American Future Fund, Stuart Roy, said in a statement that the experience of these individuals and the 5,000 more like them is a clear indication that Trump cannot be trusted.

“The Trump University was a total ripoff–as is described by his victims in their own voices–and demonstrates that America can’t trust Donald Trump. These hard-working people learned who ‘The Donald’ really is at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars and ruined lives, and they are speaking up now in the hope that America can learn from their mistakes and avoid suffering the same fate.”

The release of the ads come just days after a story broke about Donald Trump hiring only 17 out of 300 American citizen applicants for non-skilled positions at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach. Instead, Trump, who has made bringing jobs back to America, applied for more than 500 visas for foreign workers from Romania and other countries to fills positions such as housekeeper, waiter, and valet.

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