VIDEO: Anti-#Brexit Protester Can’t Explain Why UK Should Stay in the EU

The #Brexit decision was a monumental moment for the Western world. It was a rejection of the kind of globalism that the left has pushed for decades and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union has signaled a willingness on their part to embrace independence over the flawed economic model of the European Union (EU) that is predicated upon a premise that the strong are obliged to carry the weak.

Predictably, the left has thrown a worldwide fit over the vote. Though popular sentiment won out, those who abhor the idea of free determination have called for a “do-over” vote in order to obtain another shot at staying in the EU.

The idea is absurd, but has been fueled by a relentless assertion that the older generation voted in a manner that is not in keeping with the perspective of the younger people.

That very well may be; of course, the inherent principle evident in this argument is that older Britons’ viewpoints shouldn’t matter in comparison to the viewpoints of the younger generation- a position that ironically asserts that older Britons should be relegated to second-class citizens while the younger generation in the UK crusades for greater political power for refugees immigrating from the Middle East.

One such “enlightened” youngster who is outraged over the #Brexit vote is Holly, a totally-employable goth kid who despite calling for an annulment of the vote, cannot name any EU officials or any valid reason why she supports remaining in the EU other than kicking-out immigrants isn’t “right.”

Of course, the #Brexit vote requires no such immigrant exodus but does, however, allow for the United Kingdom to determine their own policies with regards to immigration and border security.

Evidently, maintaining some shred of national sovereignty is akin to a global hate crime…

Holly is adorned in goth attire and proudly holding a “socialist worker” sign that read “No bigots. No borders. Tories out. Refugees in.”

Watch below and remember that this is a terrific representation of the kind of youthful understanding present in the “remain” crowd in the UK.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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