VIDEO: Bank Robber Loads Gun with WRONG Ammo, Figures Out His Mistake TOO LATE

I’m not suggesting that someone should try to rob a bank. I am, however, generally of the belief that if someone is going to do something, they ought to do it right.

A recently-deceased would-be bank robber did his homework in casing the bank. However, he failed to notice that the ammo he loaded into his gun was the wrong caliber of ammunition.

Thankfully, there was an off-duty police officer in the bank that was ready to lend a helping hand to help the would-be robber understand the error he made.

20-year-old Terry Frost had evidently done his homework and timed his robbery for when the manager withdrew $90,000 from the ATM. Surveillance footage shows Frost running into the Madison, Ohio bank, jumping the counter, grabbing the bag and then encountering off-duty officer Kevin Hankerson who drew-down on the robber. Hankerson, though a police officer, was working bank security that day.

Frost raised his gun (which was in a plastic shopping bag) and attempted to fire at the officer, but his gun misfired. Frost had, officers discovered later, loaded his firearm with the wrong caliber of ammunition. Frost had tried to fire his .38 caliber derringer but had loaded it with .380- an auto round that is the same diameter as a 9mm, but a shorter round.

Hankerson evidently had no such problem as he fired two rounds with one round hitting Frost in the chest.

Frost took off but did not get very far. He was found shortly thereafter dead in nearby woods.

Hankerson’s shooting has already been ruled a clean shooting as it literally doesn’t get any more clean-cut as this.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters agrees.

“It was as clean a police-involved shooting as I’ve ever seen,” Deters said.

“Officer Hankerson committed a great act of bravery in his actions and he should be commended for what he did,” Deters added.

The speed at which this unfolded is astonishing. Within seconds, the robbery had taken place and it was amazing that Hankerson could even respond in this short amount of time.

“The speed in which he got to that money – it literally was two seconds from the time he entered that door. So he was in a full sprint and then vaulted himself over the counter,” said Deters. “He was going after something. I mean, if it was a normal bank robbery he’d be going up and handing a note to somebody and that’s the end of it. This was not normal.”

There are a few lessons to glean from this episode:

    • While we all are grateful that Frost did not take the time to familiarize himself with his weapon, there is a lesson to be learned here for all “good guys”: learn your weapon. Know it inside and out. Practice your draw and practice gun safe. Perfect practice makes perfect. And, at the very least, learn what kind of ammo goes in your damn gun.
    • A “good guy with a gun” is the best counter to a “bad guy” with a gun. Bank patrons were lucky there was an officer in their midst, but we’re not always so lucky. Obtain a concealed carry permit and become proficient in the usage of a firearm (see lesson #1). It could save your life or the lives pf others.
    • Federal law prohibits carrying concealed carry holders from carrying firearms into banks. While we should all strive to follow the law when capable, remember that the human right to self-preservation supersedes all silly laws and rules put forth by civil society. Think outside the box and make your own determinations as to how to best preserve your life, but also be prepared to encounter consequences should you find that your duty to your own self-preservation conflicts with state or federal law.
    • Hankerson, a professional who has undergone extensive firearms training, could only hit the robber one out of two times. That’s not a dig- that’s a testament to how difficult laying-down accurate shots can be in a chaotic, adrenaline-packed situation (even for professionals). When it comes to shooting: practice practice practice and then, when you’re done, practice some more.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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