Video Bashing Political Correctness in Education Goes VERY Viral

Our country has become one where being offended is used as an impetus to strip others of their First Amendment right to free speech, freedom of religion and the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Christians are forced by leftists and state to abandon their religious beliefs or lose their business to boycotts and lawsuits. Catholic nuns are forced by the government to pay for birth control and abortions.

The political correctness culture has run so amok that cities and schools have attempted, in some cases successfully, to allow males to use female showers, locker rooms, and restrooms if they simply state that they ‘identify’ as a female.

On the academic side, you have Common Core teaching students nonsensical methods for solving Math problems and those students solving it the old school way are told they are wrong.

This is the upside down world that we currently live in, and that makes this video, while funny, both prophetic and disturbing.

The video, directed by Neel Kolhatkar, is described on its YouTube channel as one that “delves into the potential dangers of our increasingly reactionary culture bred by social media and political correctness.” Entitled Modern Educayshun, it puts the ludicrous nature of political correctness and the rewriting of societal norms by cultural Marxists on full display.

Modern Educayshun was published on November 9, and already has almost one million views at the time of this writing. 

This is a must watch video, well worth your time, and it should be placed continuously in front of the faces of leftists to help them come to terms with the lunacy of political correctness.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
Jennifer is a Co-Founder of PolitiStick and the Editor-in-Chief. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a certified teacher with 12 years experience in the classroom. Jennifer attended what is credited for being the first modern-day Tea Party rally in the country in the Seattle area and from there emerged as a powerful speaker and writer within the movement. While still in Washington State, Jennifer was selected to be a member of the second graduating class of the Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute (JDLI), a program which identified future conservative leaders. Jennifer worked as the National Outreach Director for one of the largest conservative groups in the country and served as Managing Editor and writer for what quickly grew to become one of the top 15 conservative sites in the country. She brings to Politistick a passion for the fight for freedom for current and future generations.

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