VIDEO: Black Couple Viciously Beats White Woman, Says She’s in the ‘Wrong Hood’

Though MTV News recently claimed that it was impossible for black people to be racist, one white woman discovered, firsthand, what this racism looks (and feels) like.

A white woman on Milwaukee’s North side was recently viciously beaten by a black couple who beat and stomped the white woman while repeating, “wrong hood, bitch,” over and over.

The shocking video does not show what started the confrontation. However, whatever the catalyst, the beating certainly holds a racial motivation as the black couple beat the white woman mercilessly while asserting that she was in the “wrong (neighborhood).”

Officials claim that they do not know who the victim or the attackers are.

Milwaukee has a strong “Black Lives Matter” presence and the group serves as a group dedicated to black supremacy as many openly advocate violence and murder against white people out of sheer racial hatred.

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The nation is being torn apart along racial lines and those  profiteers of racial strife, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, are gleefully watching as incidences like this are becoming more and more common.

Take a look at the vicious video and question, “What would the mainstream media be saying if a couple of white people were viciously beating a black girl and telling her that she was in the ‘wrong hood’?”

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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