VIDEO: Bobby Jindal Drops Major Bomb on Trump’s Ego; It’s About to Get Real

Louisiana governor and GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal is aiming to take bombastic billionaire and current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump down a notch and his target is “The Donald’s” supersized ego.

In a new campaign video released on Wednesday, Jindal compares Trump’s oft-repeated braggadocious statements about always “winning” to those of actor Charlie Sheen’s crazed, drug-induced rant about always “winning.”

It will be interesting to see what Trump’s response will be to Bobby Jindal’s attempt to mock him as a clown. Past attacks from other candidates, even when on issues and substance, have been met with sharp and often personal return fire.

In a statement released to reporters, the Jindal campaign said that Donald Trump was Charlie Sheen’s “spirit animal.”

“Charlie Sheen is clearly Donald Trump’s spirit animal. Or maybe it’s the other way around?” Jindal campaign manager Timmy Teepell said.

“They’d win here, they’d win there, they’d be bi-winning. It’s a match made in heaven,” he mocked.

A review of Trump’s Twitter account, where Trump often launches his verbal bombs, found no response as of early Thursday morning.

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h/t:  Washington Examiner

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Matthew K. Burke
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