VIDEO: Chelsea Clinton: It’s Surprising that Not Everybody Loves My Mom!

Hillary Clinton is attempting yet another rebranding. The ice queen of the Democrat Party has a serious image problem. As loveable as a badger and as scandal-plagued as Obama, Hillary continues to slip in the polls and rather than any one identifiable thing, the root cause of her descent is far more widespread and systemic.

However, that is not stopping Hillary adherents from continuing to try and prop-up the failing candidate. Hillary’s latest rebranding centers on making her more “relatable” and that includes sharing old photos of herself and robotically gyrating on “Ellen” in an effort to appear as if she was dancing.

That may not be good enough, however, and now she’s called in the big guns: her daughter.

Chelsea Clinton, the sometimes-journalist and the embodiment of privilege, has rushed to her mom’s defense and has publicly wondered why everyone is not fawning over the candidate.

Clinton claimed on NBC’s “Today” show that she was surprised to hear that her mom is slipping in the polls, but assures that as more Americans get to hear her message, they’ll understand “why I believe so strongly that she would make a great president.”

However, Hillary has been vying for the president position since before 2008. She waged an aggressive campaign against Barack Obama in ’08 and has maintained a high profile since then.

Since resigning as Secretary of State, Hillary has been presumed to be the Democratic nominee and she has made a fortune from speaking engagements where she has espoused her plain message copy-and-pasted from the socialist playbook.

So, when Chelsea claims that more Americans just need to hear her mom’s message, one has to wonder, “How many years of constant persuasion does it take to finally like your mom?”

It’s “all hands on deck” time for the Clinton camp as Bernie Sanders overtakes Clinton in Iowa polling. The campaign has, seemingly, tried everything to fix one image problem or another, but the fundamental flaw lies not within the details, but within the foundation.

Fundamentally, Hillary is not trusted. Countless polls have revealed that potential voters simply do not trust her and that is not something easily covered-up with a fresh new look or dancing on a talk show. From Whitewater to Benghazi, Hillary has been scrutinized. She’s ducked and dodged and counted upon the compliant media to run interference for her, but after two-and-a-half decades of scandal, the American people simply do not trust her.

When we couple this fact with her current scandal centering on emails containing classified material repeatedly sent over a private, unsecured server, it’s clear to see why people don’t love Hillary the way Chelsea does: Hillary is only self-interested.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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