VIDEO: College Professor: Most Terrorists are ‘Conservative’ White Men, NOT Muslims

When you think of a terrorist seeking to do harm to the United States, do you envision a Muslim? According to one college academic/propagandist, you’re dead wrong. The real threat is the Toby Keith-loving crowd.

According to Dr. Ross Avilla, a lecturer at the University of California-Merced, the real terrorists are often Christian, white males who identify as conservative.

At an “Introduction to Psychology” lesson taught just weeks before Faisal Mohammed went on a rampage in the name of Allah, stabbing four fellow students at the very same Northern California university at which this class was taught.

“Ninety percent [of U.S. terrorist attacks] are from these white Caucasian men,” Avilla told his class. “And by the way I am not saying white men are evil – but that is what we should be thinking about. Usually they are people who are religiously motivated and politically conservative.”

Avilla discussed the danger of white, conservative men as a function of heuristics, a mental process defined “as a mental shortcut that allows people to solve problems and make judgments quickly.”

This, according to Avilla, has led people to believe that the threat of terrorism comes primarily from radical Muslims. Avilla claims, however, that that is not true- whitey is the real danger.

He also backed-up his claim by citing a case where a white, Christian male stormed the Texas statehouse with an AK47 and shot over 60 rounds.

“Just a few months ago, a white, I think he was Christian, I thought he was Christian because there was something about, you know, ‘the state claimed against God’s law and stuff,’ so a white guy went in with an AK-47 and shot up the statehouse in Texas. Like literally fired 60 rounds at the statehouse. No one was injured but that is an act of terrorism. That happened about a month ago.”

“Now imagine if that guy was a Muslim,” Avilla said in the video. “If a Muslim came in with an AK-47 and shot at the statehouse in Texas — how many of ya’ll would hear about it then? Everyone. It would be all that was on the news.”

The problem, however, was that the incident never happened. The incident to which Avilla was likely attempting to refer was a 2014 incident where an armed man sought to exact revenge upon a judge for a marijuana distribution charge at Georgia’s Forsyth County Courthouse by commandeering the courthouse. He was stopped early and shot and killed.

So, not only did Avilla get the approximate date and entire state wrong, but the apparent motivation for the crime was in response to a marijuana distribution charge that the shooter was fighting. It was a crime, definitely, but hardly an act of terrorism.

“I think it shows the absurdity of how progressives will try to label their opponents or anyone remotely right of center as someone who wants to topple the government through acts of terrorism and ignore leftist anti-government terrorists such as Bill Ayers,” one anonymous student stated regarding Avilla’s claims.

Avilla claimed that “9/11 is basically the only act of foreign-born terrorism that has ever happened in the United States.”

Of course, aside from the UC-Merced ISIS-fueled attack that would occur just weeks after the lecture, off the top of this author’s head, I can think of a half-dozen or so Islam-inspired acts of terror- the Boston Bombing, the San Bernardino terrorist attack, the Fort Hood shooting, the Underwear Bomber, the Chattanooga Shooting, and the attempted car bombing of a populated Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon, in 2010.

That is, of course, if we are only discussing acts of terrorism here in America. Europe is currently reaping the devastation of their radical commitment to multiculturalism and enduring frequent Islam-fueled attacks.

It goes without saying that white, conservative men are capable of committing crimes. They are even capable of committing politically-motivated crimes. They are even capable of committing terrorism (just look at Timothy McVeigh).

What Avilla’s desperate and ludicrous assertion indicates, however, is a shocking disregard for the cold, hard reality facing Americans: radical Islam is the most significant terrorist threat facing the Western world.

The next time someone asserts that it’s bigoted to believe that Islam poses a threat to Americans, remember this: according to a recent poll, 51% of polled U.S. Muslims claim that they wish to see an implementation of Sharia law and a startling 25% of those polled claimed that they view violence against Americans as acceptable as a means of achieving that goal.

And as for the students who submitted the videos of Dr. Avilla’s lecture? They recorded it months ago but only released it once their grades were secured- a prudent move, but a sad illustration of what has become of modern academia and the exchange of ideas in universities.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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