VIDEO: Conservative Comedian Goes Undercover, DESTROYS ‘Gun Show Loophole’ MYTH!

President Obama and the rest of his merry band of gun-grabbing tyrants rely upon the spreading of false information to enact their unconstitutional agendas. If they were truly honest about current gun laws, most people would flatly refuse to embrace the call for ever-more gun laws proposed by Democrats.

How many times have we heard about the terrorist watchlist and gun purchases? What Democrats refuse to mention is that the vast, vast majority on this list are foreign nationals, disallowed from purchasing firearms anyway. The rest have been placed on there without due process. But mentioning these facts takes the wind out of their sails.

How often have we heard about *gasp* gun sales online? Surely nobody wants some nutjob placing an order for 20 “assault rifles” to be delivered to his door, right?

If Democrats told the truth, that one can place an order, but must receive the purchase at a licensed dealer who does a background check, that would negate their fearmongering.

Of course, the biggest whopper is the “gun show loophole.” Any crazy can walk in, buy a gun with cash and walk-out, right?

Wrong. While private sale from person-to-person do exist (such as a father gifting a cherished hunting rifle to his son), sales at gun shows do undergo background checks.

To test this narrative about the “gun show loophole,” comedian and conservative pundit Steven Crowder went to a gun show to show how easy it is to walk-out with a gun without undergoing a background check.

Going to several vendors to try and purchase a gun without the background check, he was routinely denied while being filmed with a hidden camera.

Testing to see if he can get one of those “automatic” “assault rifles” the liberals are always screaming about, Crowder inquired about them and spliced scenes of politicians ranting and raving about how easy it is to obtain an “automatic” rifle without licenses.

“Fully automatic?” a vendor asks Crowder as if to clarify. “Oh, no. I don’t have a Class III license.”

“So I cannot buy a fully automatic?” Crowder asks of another vendor.

“No. No one can really unless they have like a super-crazy license,” the vendor notes.

Aiming a little lower (pun intended), Crowder decides to attempt to obtain a semi-automatic rifle and take it home with him the same day without undergoing the background check.

“There’s no way to do that,” the vendor bluntly stated. He notes that guns purchased at the show must be done through a background check. “You could come in here with a million dollars in cash and I still wouldn’t give it to you.”

Crowder tries various venues such as pawn shops and tries asking for different kinds of weapons. He even attempts to purchase a short-barreled shotgun, a gun that requires a federal Class III tax stamp as an “Any Other Weapon” (AOW).

It’s a no-go.

Crowder even tries the “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” approach to see if he can get these fellow firearms enthusiasts to budge. At one point, Crowder even offers to “come back when there’s less people.” The vendor puts him in his place, saying, “That’s not going to change anything.”

Losing his patience, the man calmly but sternly cautions, “That’s a felony and twenty years and I’m not going to mess with it!”

Crowder winks at him, to which the man just flatly says, “No.”

When he tries to buy a gun with the purpose of modifying the weapon to make it fully-automatic, the store owner stresses that it’s a humongous crime to do that.

Several gun vendors even inquire as to Crowder’s intentions as he hints at breaking the law. One, upon learning that Crowder may have illegal intent, ends the transaction then and there, politely refusing to sell him any gun, period.

When Crowder claims that the president said that he could go to a gun show and get a gun without a background check, the vendor just appears to laugh at the misconception and asks, “And you believe him?”

The man also informs Crowder that not only would selling him a gun in such a manner would be a felony, he also notes that Crowder would be committing a felony as well.

Crowder tries everything –everything­– to get a gun using the “gun show loophole.” He tries buying a gun in another state other than his home state of Illinois. They all refuse to sell him a gun, even with a background check.

When he tells a vendor that the president says he can get a gun at a gun show without a background check, the blunt vendor simply states, “The president is fu**ing wrong.”

Though the clip does not prove that there are no disreputable gun sellers anywhere, his sampling of different locations, sellers and requested firearms indicates that not only is it next-to-impossible to obtain weapons in violation of the law from legitimate sellers, but that those who are “in the business” of selling firearms take the law incredibly seriously.

Of course, if Crowder were truly interested in obtaining a “no-questions-asked” firearm, he could have just brought a couple of C-notes down to the warzone of Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws in the nation. There, criminals can deal in hardware out of the back of their trunks as authorities focus on how to crack-down on legal gun owners and lawful, licensed gun sellers.


Check out the video below for a good laugh:

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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