VIDEO: Does Rick Perry’s Endorsement Help Cruz? PolitiStick’s Editor Explains Why His Voice Counts

President Obama recently opined on POLITICO’s podcast that Hillary Clinton’s strengths are also her weaknesses. If one can count supreme arrogance and a moral flexibility that permits lying to cover one’s criminal acts as “strengths,” many conservatives are inclined to agree.

In a recent edition of Newsmax Prime with JD Hayworth, PolitiStick’s Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Burke discussed Obama’s rave reviews of Hillary with former Harry Reid aide and talk radio host Ari Rabin-Havt.

Burke began by lampooning Obama’s canned praise of Clinton, noting that it is a typical “job interview” answer to cheesily assert that one’s weaknesses are also their strengths.

Pivoting to Clinton’s Wall Street connections that the 2016 Democratic frontrunner refuses to explain, Hayworth questioned why Clinton was suddenly attacking Karl Rove for daring to criticize her crony connections and asked Rabin-Havt if Clinton would ever get around to explaining her crony relationships to the American people.

Noting that he, too, has been critical of Hillary on this issue, Rabin-Havt replied that Clinton’s critique of Rove was “technically” accurate.

“One of Karl Rove’s groups is spending money on an ad in Iowa that focuses on this issue,” Rabin-Havt stated. “That’s just an accurate statement of what’s going on in Iowa right now.”

In what Hayworth labeled a “dispassionate” defense of Hillary, Rabin-Havt maintained that it was a “good thing” that this issue is being raised in the primary and that Bernie Sanders has put Hillary in a position to explain herself.

Turning to the Republican race, Hayworth noted that former Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry has publicly endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz and asked Burke if the endorsement would be a strong boost to the Cruz campaign.

Burke replied that the endorsement would be big boost for Cruz who is consistently nipping at the heels of frontrunner Donald Trump.

“I grew up- most of my life, 35 years- in Texas and I have friends in Washington who were staunch Perry supporters because of what he did in the state of Texas. Texas has led the nation in job creation and he knows the power of the states. States created the federal government, not the other way around, and it’s important to have a president who understands that. So, I do think it could make a difference.”

Rabin-Havt claimed that Perry’s lackluster presidential bid negates the importance of his endorsement.

“If someone can’t get enough votes to even complete a primary campaign, does their endorsement really matter?” the liberal talk radio host questioned.

In truth, while Perry may not have mounted a competitive primary bid, the former governor has been remarkably popular with Texans and has maintained a strong following with states’ rights proponents, free-market advocates and evangelical voters- all of which are essential to Cruz’s campaign for the Oval Office.

Perry may not have had the political legs to go the distance to the White House, but his popularity in Republican circles still remains high and an endorsement from him could help serve as a counterbalance to the endorsement from Sarah Palin received by Trump last week- an endorsement many social conservatives found baffling as the fiscally-minded Trump has yet to make significant headway in socially conservative and evangelical circles.

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