VIDEO: Even Bill Clinton Doesn’t Know What Hillary’s Proposals Are

One of the main differences between Hillary and Bill Clinton is that Bill’s main political asset was always his ability to smooth-over the most-unconscionable violations of personal and public trust. His ability to explain anything in his “Aw, common” drawl made people forget his trespasses and violations.

However, perhaps Bill’s gift for gab only applies when helping himself, because he doesn’t seem to do a great job explaining why people should vote for his wife.

On Thursday, Bill explained Hillary’s stance on “free” college education and, like his daughter, wasn’t even close to getting it right.

“She’s proposing debt-free education for people that go to public colleges, historically black colleges and universities, and other private, small schools that have modest tuition, high graduation rates, deal with first and second generation Americans of all kinds,” Bill said at a campaign event in Manhattan.

That’s not accurate. Hillary’s plan does not entail debt-free college education for private schools. Her plan offers federal money to states who offer “no-loan” tuition at public universities and also incentivizes increased spending on “instruction and learning” and prioritizes lower-income applicants.

Bill explained that Hillary was “asking people to pay higher taxes, to pay for all the tuition, plus the expenses of people who are in lower income.”

Because there’s nothing more fair than asking someone to pay their way through college, obtain a good job, then spend their money paying for others to go to college for free…

“Offering people who need some help, but not complete help, the opportunity to do ten hours of work-study work a month is the only proposal that will hold down college costs,” Clinton said.

That, too, is inaccurate. Hillary’s plan calls for ten hours of work a week.

Chelsea Clinton made the same mistakes last week, telling a crowd that her mother’s plan allows for debt-free college education for private universities.

“She believes that anyone should be able to graduate from school debt-free, public universities or private universities, debt-free,” Chelsea maintained.

The slip-ups are testaments to the truly dysfunctional atmosphere present in the Hillary campaign. While a surrogate could be forgiven for slipping-up, to have that same slip-up repeated the following week is indicative of a campaign without any real control over the message.

Further, when we consider the fact that Bill Clinton is a former president and adept at giving speeches and memorizing talking points, it seems clear that his mistake is a result of simply not caring about the material about which he speaks.

One of the most-frequent criticisms of the Hillary candidacy is that nobody seems to know where she stands on issues. She has reinvented her image and her positions on important issues so many times that her actual plan of action remains a mystery- even to member of her family that are stumping for her.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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