VIDEO: Father of Son Tragically Murdered by Undocumented Democrat Endorses Donald Trump

“It was the original ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot.’”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Businessman and 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump may have ruffled some feathers with the politically correct leftstream media and the political establishment in both parties, but one place his message about getting illegal immigration under control is resonating is with Jamiel Shaw, Sr., a man whose teenage son was horrifically murdered in cold blood by the hands of an illegal alien.

Speaking alongside Trump at FreedomFest in Las Vegas on Saturday, Mr. Shaw told the gut-wrenching story of how his son was visciously gunned down by an undocumented Democrat within hours of being released from jail.

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“My son was walking home from the mall one day like everybody’s kids do,” Mr. Shaw told the packed auditorium.[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”5517620b381df”][vc_column_text]His son, Jamiel Shaw, Jr., an aspiring young quarterback with hopes of attending Stanford, was talking to his father on the phone when Mr. Shaw actually heard the two gun shots through the phone that took his life, all because an illegal alien criminal was allowed to walk the streets of America rather than being deported to his native country.

“I heard two gun shots,” Mr. Shaw explained to the teary-eyed crowd. “It [the sound] was so crispy…if you’ve ever been to the gun range, you know that crispiness. It tells you how close [range] it is. I had a feeling in my chest. And I went outside to see and he was laying in the street dead.”

Mr. Shaw told the crowd that he later learned that the illegal had been earlier released after three gun charges.

“If you have somebody in the country with three gun charges already, he’s in jail now for battery of a police officer, assault of a deadly weapon, and they gave him eight months in the county jail; then, they let him out four months early — the same day he got out he had the Mexican mafia — orders Latino gang members to go out the same day and commit crimes so that they won’t be rehabilitated…they saw my son and killed him just because he was there.”

The illegal alien shot Jamiel Shaw, Jr. in the head with a .45 revolver.

“While he was laying on his back he had his hands up,” Shaw explained. “It was the original ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot.'”



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Matthew K. Burke
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