Video: German Mayor’s Advice to Girls Harassed by Muslim Refugees: ‘Don’t Provoke Them’


The left loves to talk a great deal about “rape culture.” The term used to shame heterosexual men for daring to appreciate female beauty or to shame those who assert that women should be aware of the situations in which they find themselves so as to stay safe.

“Rape culture” is really just one of those terms like “social justice” or “white privilege” that really have no meaning; they’re often used but usually distorted to serve as a more sociological-acceptable way of ranting to showcase one’s sense of political correctness or liberal enlightenment.

But if there ever was a real “rape culture,” it can now be found in Germany as the nation remains under siege by a flood of Muslim refugees who have gained entry to the interior of Europe, but have rewarded this welcoming by Germany by importing the same Neanderthal-esque concepts so prevalent in the Middle East regarding interactions with women.

In short: the hordes of Muslim refugees have been responsible for a dramatic uptick in the number of sexual assaults committed in Germany and the rest of Europe.

So, what are authorities in Germany doing about this wave of harassment and outright sexual assaults? In Cologne, they responded by covering it up so as to not stoke anti-Muslim sentiment.

In the German city of Bad Schlema, however, their solution is to blame the victims and urge them not to “provoke” the harassers and rapists.

In a shocking video taken during a town-hall meeting, an elderly man claimed that his granddaughter who is “less than” 10-years-old was being harassed as she walked to her gym each day, which is near a refugee center.

“They get harassed from the windows and things like that. How will this be in the summer, when the school girls wear less clothing?” the man asked.

The mayor’s response: “That’s easy, just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

Predictably, Mayor Jens Müller’s response did not go over well.

“In your own country!” the man behind the camera yelled amidst jeers and outrage from the crowd. “You can’t even walk in your own city anymore!”

“Well, it’s technically not necessary for the girls to walk there,” he explained as the crowd erupted in outrage. “There are alternative routes for going to school.”

The cowardly mayor even threatened to call the police if attendees didn’t settle down; apparently, he was concerned about his own safety but couldn’t care less about the safety of the town of which he is the mayor.

While Germany serves as an extreme example of the kind of liberal lunacy that too-often afflicts the left, it is really only an exaggerated version of the kind of rabid multiculturalism on which the left often prides itself.

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The solution to the problems brought-on by welcoming a flood of refugees from the Islamic world simply cannot be for the citizens of Western countries to simply accept the rapes and criminal activities for which these refugees are now becoming infamous.

The solution must be a commitment to stopping this invasion and for countries like the United States to witness the devastation these kinds of immigration policies have on a country and refuse to follow down the same disastrous path.

Still, it seems that modern liberals hate conservatives more than they hate rapists as the left clamors about supposed Republican-led war on women while simultaneously turning a blind eye to the rampant misogyny and danger being imported into Europe by open-border policies for which the left also advocates.

Let’s remember: this man stood and respectfully questioned what would be done about his granddaughter’s safety. The response he received indicates that authorities are infinitely more concerned with the plight of the refugees than with their own citizens– even children.

Get a good look, America; this is where we are heading if we don’t alter course.

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Greg Campbell
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