VIDEO: Hillary Thinks Bill’s Infidelity and Perjury is FUNNY

During a recent press event to further her “I’m a woman, so vote for me” campaign message, 2016 Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton joined Sandra Bland’s mother, Geneva Ridgefield, joked about Bill Clintons infidelity and Hillary enthusiastically laughed along. Bland was a black women who was arrested after a traffic altercation where she became belligerent. She soon committed suicide in her cell.

Bill’s infidelity prompted an investigation during which he perjured himself and was impeached. He was acquitted by the House which failed to muster enough votes to oust the scandalous president who lied about his affair(s).

Ridgefield made jokes about Hillary’s lack of trustworthiness and joked,

“I’ve been listening to people, the young people in general, and they say, ‘Well, I don’t know, how can you vote for Hillary, she lied. I say, ‘Girl, did she lie to you?’”

Aside from lying repeatedly about the Benghazi terrorist attacks and her maintaining a private emails server from which she transmitted unsecured top-secret and classified documents, no. Other than those humongous breaches of trust, the law and commonsense, she’s been super straightforward with me.

The crowd erupted in laughter.

“You’re talking about something that happened when her husband was the president because she was first lady at that time, but she has apologized for those actions,” Ridgefield said.

“I will tell you if I was to be held accountable for everything my man did—Whoa! We’d have a problem,” Ridgefield said as Hillary seemed to bust a gut.

Consistently, polls indicate that voters do not trust Hillary. This result happens time and time again and in March, only 37% polled indicated that they trust her in an ABC poll.

It could be that the reason why so few voters trust Hillary is that she continually attempts to shrug-off very-serious criminal acts and treasonous derelictions of duty by denying her complicity, blaming others or, when all else fails, blame Republicans for mounting a “witch hunt” against her.

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton finds her husband’s infidelity and perjury to be a laughing matter, but some of us still believe that the law should apply even to the president.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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