VIDEO: Hillary’s Bitter Concession Speech is Bizarre and Oh-So-Satisfying


On Tuesday, longtime 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton was dealt a humiliating defeat in New Hampshire. Like Casey at the Bat, the swagger of the previously uncontested frontrunner is gone and her desperation shows more and more prominently as socialist Bernie Sanders continues t climb in the polls and even thorough trounced Clinton in New Hampshire by over 22 points.

The defeat is illustrative of just how little support the entrenched establishment politician actually holds with young people and women as both groups have seemingly defected to support the Sanders campaign in recent weeks.

Though Clinton was projected to lose in New Hampshire, few could have predicted that she would have lost by such an enormous margin.

In her concession speech on Tuesday night, Clinton offered bitter remarks that at times felt more like a pity-party than the rousing words of a true leader.

“People are angry. But there’s also hungry. They’re hungry for solutions. What are we going to do?,” Clinton rambled.

“I know I have some work to do, especially with young people,” Clinton said. “Even if they are not supporting me right now, I am supporting them…It’s not whether you get knocked down that matters, it’s whether you get back up.”

The last line is eerily similar to a line in the movie “The Adjustment Bureau,” a movie about a failed politician who utters the line before admitting to the crowd of supporters that it was just a line that tested well with a focus group, explaining that his whole persona is a fabrication to obtain votes.

Clinton’s speech took on an angrier tone as she ranted and raved about issues, demanding “human rights” for women, homosexuals, workers and others. She then focused on the black vote by insisting that blacks are being targeted and that parents shouldn’t have to worry about their kids being “harassed” or “shot” and that illegals shouldn’t have to “lie awake at night waiting for a knock on the door” for deportation.

This time last year, Clinton held a 56-point lead on Sanders. Now, not only did she lose New Hampshire by over twenty points, but a recent CNN poll revealed that amongst young women, 18-to-34 years old, Clinton’s intended main demographic, Sanders leads Clinton 87 percent to 9 percent.

Yes- Sanders leads Clinton a whopping 78 percent in her own specialized demographic.

Clinton’s fall from grace is satisfying as she has not only postured as above reproach, but has enjoyed a significant tailwind in this race, receiving more-favorable media coverage, the undying support and favoritism of the DNC and the frontrunner status assigned to her since bowing-out of the race in 2008.

Indeed, Clinton has been preparing for this race since 2008; though, in all likelihood, her preparations likely began far earlier during her husband’s administration. Since 1992, Hillary has waited in the wings for this opportunity and it seems to be slipping-away.

Call it schadenfreude, but conservatives cannot help but smirk witnessing the slow suicide of this campaign.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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