VIDEO: Hothead Geraldo Rivera Threatens to ‘KNOCK OUT’ FOX News Host

During a heated discussion on FOX News’s The Five on Monday, hotheaded pro-illegal amnesty advocate Geraldo Rivera threatened co-host Eric Bolling with physical violence.

First, Rivera got heated when Jesse Watters said that Donald Trump’s rise was due to him tapping into the sentiment of Americans being led by [Obama] a “skinny community organizer” who was “running this country into the ground.”

When a visibly angry Geraldo accused Watters of exploiting the death of the young San Francisco woman, Kate Steinle, murdered by an illegal alien recently, Eric Bolling jumps in with a hypocrisy charge against Geraldo, “coming from a guy who exploits everything!”
“You’re lucky you’re my friend; I’d knock you out right now,” shouted a now unhinged Geraldo. “That’s absolute B.S.”

“Well, we’ll take this up later,” Bolling responded as uncomfortable-looking co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle intervened by taking the show to a commercial break.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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