VIDEO: How a Black Voter Woke Up to the Lies and Manipulation of the Democrat Party

Javan Jackson: Image Source - Screen Capture

The news media is descending upon Cleveland, Ohio which is the site of Thursday’s first GOP presidential debate. Fox News’ Bret Baier, who will be moderating the debate along with Megyn Kelly, took time to meet some Cleveland residents and discuss their political leanings.

Although the Democrat party typically has well over 90% support from black people, one man shared with Baier exactly what caused his political awakening which led him to abandon the Democrat party to become a Republican.

Javan Jackson lives in downtown Cleveland with his wife and son. When asked about his experience of being a black Republican in downtown Cleveland, Jackson stressed the importance of always standing up for your beliefs. He also shared his political journey from Democrat to Republican.

“When I was a kid, a lot of times the Democratic candidates would come to the church and they’d do a fiery speech and talk about everything they were going to do. I was a little kid and I would take notes. He’s going to do this and that. Then four years later, Bret, it still looked the same. Then as I got older and older the issues in our community got worse and worse. then they would come back and say the same thing they said when I was eight. I was like, “they’re lying” and then I kind of moved away from them a little bit.”

Baeir then asked him, “To be a Republican in downtown Cleveland is not an easy thing.

To this, Jackson replied, “Yeah, but you’ve got to stand up for your beliefs, though.

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If only more individuals like Javan would take the political process this seriously, abandoning a party that, from his own experience, takes the black community for granted and lies to them with ease by making empty promises over and over again, for decades.

Perhaps Mr. Jackson’s story will open the eyes and minds of others and encourage them to stop believing and holding onto those lies spouted by the Democrats who take for granted the black vote.

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