VIDEO: If What Hillary Says About Her Behavior is True, We Are ALL in BIG Trouble…

As we hurl forward towards 2016, America remains bitterly divided. Along racial lines, political lines, socio-economic lines, America remains more fractured than it has been since the days of the Civil War.

Though it would be asking too much that our next president be able to single-handedly unite our nation, we simply must demand a president who will help to unify rather than continue to divide as Barack Obama has.

According to Hillary Clinton, as president, she intends to model the kind of behavior all Americans should follow.

That’s scary.

At a town hall even in Claremont, New Hampshire, on Tuesday, the Democratic frontrunner discussed cultural intolerance and claimed that the notoriously-snappy and rude candidate will “model the kind of behavior that I would hope all of our citizens would have.”

A townhall participant lobbed a softball to Clinton and asked,

“My question is about something that’s troubling me about our culture in the United States right now. There is a strong undercurrent of hatred with racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism. Besides being good neighbors to each other, what can you do and will you do as our leader to help us move beyond all of that?”

Clinton took the bait and replied,

“I think we have to, as a nation, really ask ourselves some hard questions about how we truly feel about and treat each other, and the level of vitriol and insult that we see on the Internet is so distressing to me, and it goes exactly after people in the categories you have outlined,” Clinton said. “As president, I would do my very best to model the kind of behavior that I would hope all of our citizens would have. I’m not asking people to like everybody. I’m asking people to be respectful.”

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To be clear, this is the same woman who angrily questioned “What difference, at this point, does it make?” when questioned by congressional investigators about the lives lost in Benghazi and the motivations for the attack.

Clinton has also developed a reputation for an icy demeanor as she has snapped at adoring fans and has even literally corralled journalists with a rope to keep them at a distance as she walked.

Personality aside, however, Clinton has failed to live up to any semblance of ethical standards by refusing to cooperate fully with congressional inquiries into her alleged scheme to build a campaign war-chest by selling influence to foreign leaders and companies during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Further, beyond having callously allowed the American citizens in Benghazi to be murdered by Islamic terrorists as she did nothing to scramble help, Clinton was intimately involved in crafting a ludicrous narrative surrounding a YouTube video to offset any blame for her failure to act.

Clinton is facing an uphill battle as she and Bernie Sanders attempt to “out-liberal” each other. Unlike Barack Obama, Clinton possesses virtually no charisma or personal charm and she is saddled with the deserved stigma of being an elitist in a party that relies upon playing the part of the “common man” and energizing feelings over rational thought concerning policy decisions.

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Clinton is underwater in her favorability with likely voters and since her careful dodging of questions related to her use of a private email service during her time as Secretary of State, trustworthiness has become a vulnerable point even with liberals.

To some, Clinton may possess certain strengths. However, any objective understanding of her career and personality would yield an undeniable truth: that her reputation for ethics, trustworthiness and respectful discourse is irreparably damaged.

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