VIDEO: Inventor Releases Plans for Entirely 3D-Printed Revolver


Regular readers will note that I have long maintained that 3D printing technology will do for the Second Amendment what the printing press did for the First Amendment.

The beauty of the printing press was that it removed the power of expression from the hands of the elite and made available to the masses the ability to express themselves in a world that was dominated by governments that relied-upon the suppression of dissenting ideas to exist. In truth, our modern world and the very existence of enlightenment thinking owes Johann Gutenberg and his printing press a debt of gratitude.

Similarly, the 3D printer provides for the masses the ability to manufacture weapons- a process that has been, for too long, the domain of licensed gun manufacturers who have been bridled with the responsibility of cooperating with the government who has become increasingly-hostile to civilian ownership of firearms.

Indeed, in no small way, the 3D printer has become an instrument in the retention of our civil rights and this prospect absolutely terrifies the left who cannot fathom a world where government is not the decider of who may possess what constitutional rights.

Though the idea is fantastic, 3D-printed firearms remain in their infancy. Just a few short years after Cody Wilson’s famous single-shot “Liberator” pistol, however, we are already seeing the creation of AR-15 receivers and now, even an 8-shot revolver.

Mechanical engineering student James Patrick has designed a functional 3D-printed revolver that fires 8 .22 LR bullets and that can be made on any 3D printer.

The gun, the PM522 Washbear, is made of plastic, but equipped certain metal parts in order to comply with federal gun laws that require such measures.

The gun uses elastic bands as the springs and a roofing nail as the firing pin. The cylinder can quickly be changed-out to swap for a new, loaded cylinder.

Now that a safe prototype has been developed, Patrick has joined other civil rights heroes by releasing the plans onto the internet so that the knowledge may serve the people.

This move will, undoubtedly, incur the wrath of the federal government who fears this power being in the hands of the populace and who does not yet realize that Pandora’s Box is open.

Check out the video below as Patrick walks the viewer through the design. It’s fascinating! And, of course, check out his site.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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