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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is what a real leader is supposed to look like. A relentless advocate for his people, Netanyahu is often not shy about calling-out those who advocate for policies that will destroy the small Jewish state- the lone bastion of stability in the Middle East.

On Thursday, Netanyahu stunned the world with a powerful speech before the UN and his did so without saying a word.

The Israeli Prime Minister repeated his fiery contempt for the proposed Iran deal which would lift economic sanctions on the despotic Islamic regime and enable them to better-finance terrorist efforts around the globe.

Since the beginning of the deal, Iranian hardliners have continued to assure the world that they remain more committed than ever to destroying Israel at the first opportunity to do so. Time and time again, Iranian militarists have flaunted their willingness to do whatever it takes to destroy the infidels (including the U.S.) and still, the Obama administration continues to support the ludicrous deal that grants Iran a significant economic boost while requiring only the mere promise of slowing their march towards a nuclear weapon.

Netanyahu has been outspoken about the deal and has even backed U.S. lawmakers who have voiced opposition to the deal. The U.S. is poised to ratify the deal along with six other nations.

Netanyahu said at the beginning of his address,

“Thirty-one years ago as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, I stood at this podium for the first time, speaking against a resolution sponsored by Iran to expel Israel from the United Nations.

“Then as now, the United Nations was excessively hostile to Israel, the one true democracy in the Middle East. Some sought to deny the one and only Jewish state a place among the nations,” he said.

“I ended that first speech by saying, ‘Gentlemen, check your fanaticism at the door. More than three decades later, as the prime minister of Israel, I am privileged to speak from this podium. For me that privilege has always come with a moral responsibility to speak the truth.”

Netanyahu said that after “three days of listening to world leaders praise the nuclear deal with Iran, I begin my speech by saying, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, check your enthusiasm at the door.’”

The impassioned speech lasted for roughly 40 minutes as he lectured the world for turning their backs on Israel at a time when they are in great peril.

“In the wake of the nuclear deal, Iran is spending billions of dollars on weapons and satellites,” he continued. “Do you think Iran is doing that to advance peace? Do you think hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief and fat contracts will turn this rapacious tiger into a kitten?”

“As a leader of a country defending itself every day against Iran’s growing aggression, I wish I could take comfort in the claim that this deal blocks Iran’s path to nuclear weapons, but I can’t, because it doesn’t,” Netanyahu said.

“Here’s the catch. Under this deal, if Iran doesn’t change its behavior, if Iran becomes more dangerous in the years to come, the most important constraints will still be automatically lifted by year 10 and again by year 15.”

The crescendo of passion occurred after Netanyahu reminded the world that they had once turned a blind eye to a despotic regime that threatened to eradicate the Jews. He said that 70 years after the murder of millions of Jews, Iran’s leaders “promise to destroy my country, murder my people, and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here has been absolutely nothing – utter silence, deafening silence.”

At this point, Netanyahu stared-down the assembly in complete silence for a whopping 45 seconds- an eternity when the whole world is watching.

Netanyahu resumed his scolding after the painful silence and offered a reminder to the world: Israel will not take such threats lying down.

“The Jewish people have learned the heavy price of silence,” he said, continuing his speech to the General Assembly. “As the prime minister of the Jewish state, as someone who knows that history, I refuse to be silent.

“The days when the Jewish people remained silent in the face of genocidal enemies are over,” he stressed. “Not being silent means defending ourselves against those dangers and we have, we have, and we will. Israel will not allow Iran to break in, sneak in, or walk in the nuclear weapons club.”

“For in every generation, there were those who rose up to destroy our people.,” he said.

“In antiquity, we faced destruction from the ancient empires of Babylon and Rome,” he continued. “In the middle ages, we faced inquisition and expulsion. And in modern times, we faced pogroms and the Holocaust.

“Yet the Jewish people persevered,” he concluded.

“And now another regime has arisen, swearing to destroy Israel,” he said, referring to Iran.

“That regime would be wise to consider this: I stand here today representing Israel, a country 67-years young but a nation-state of a people nearly 4,000 years old,” he said. “Yet the ancient empires of Babylon and Rome are not represented in this hall of nations, and neither is the ‘1,000-year Reich.’ Those seemingly invincible empires are long gone. But Israel lives.”

Instead of turning his back on our allies, Mr. Obama should be taking notes. This is how a real leader advocates for his country.

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The full speech:

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