VIDEO: ISIS Fighter Films His Own Death, Helmet Cam Shows POV of Getting Shot by Kurdish Sniper

A shocking video has emerged showing the brutal nature of warfare that is dominating portions of the Middle East. An unidentified ISIS fighter recorded the battle to seize a building with a helmet cam. Little did he know, however, that a sniper’s bullet would end his life within moments and the exchange would be caught on film.

The video is already being used by ISIS for propaganda purposes in an attempt to glorify martyrdom.

Those who abhor the savagery of ISIS and the brutal jihad being waged, however, can watch the video and feel content in the knowledge that there is one less monster available to violently butcher innocents in the name of their supposed religion of peace.

ISIS has been dealt a series of blows in recent months as it has lost ground thanks to efforts by Iraqi forces and Kurdish militias.

The below video depicts the ISIS fighter shooting an AK47 at a building behind the relative safety of a stone wall. Evidently hoping to get a better shot, he repositions himself closer to the building. A shot from a Kurdish sniper rings out and the video and the fighter immediately fall.

ISIS fighters took pictures of the corpse and took the POV video to make a propaganda video to try and glorify those willing to die for the caliphate.

Reports do not detail who the fighter was, but indicate that the firefight occurred in Northern Iraq between ISIS and Kurdish forces.

Kurdish snipers have become a tremendously useful weapon in this war. On Tuesday, Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced that in a single day, snipers had killed over a dozen ISIS fighters.

“Sniping operations in the ISIS-held Jarablus city continued until Tuesday midnight. At least 13 ISIS jihadis were killed today at the hands of our snipers,” YPG officer Nuraddin Gaban revealed on Tuesday in a phone interview.

Warning: The below video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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