VIDEO: Jake Tapper SHREDS Trump’s Marco Rubio Birther Claims

We should all be willing to engage in a conversation about what does and does not make someone a “natural born citizen” of these United States.

Current law dictates that those born to U.S. citizens are U.S. citizens. Those born in the U.S. t non-citizens are U.S. citizens. Whether this is a good and just system is certainly a matter worth discussing.

However, this is the law under which we operate currently. Under this premise, President Obama is an American citizen as regardless of where he was born, he was born to an American citizen.

Similarly, Ted Cruz is an American citizen. Though birthed in Canada, he was the child of an American citizen.

Marco Rubio was born to two parents who were in the country legally but who were not yet American citizens. He, too, is an American citizen.

Whether Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio should be president based on their policies is absolutely fair game; what should be rendered moot as a topic of discussion is whether these two senators are eligible to be president.

Donald Trump’s campaign, however, continues to assert that the issue is far from clear (even though Trump, himself, has maintained that Rubio’s eligibility is unquestionable).

During a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper and S.E. Cupp, Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson defended Trump’s flip-flopping on the issue of Rubio’s supposed ineligibility and maintained that the issue is far from defined.

“The question here is, is he a naturalized citizen?” Pierson said regarding Sen. Rubio. “Now we know that his parents were not citizens at the time. That makes a huge difference with regards to eligibility.”

Tapper readily replied, “It actually doesn’t. If you’re born in the United States, you’re a natural-born citizen. That’s pretty much just the law.”

Tapper played a clip of a recent interview with Trump where Trump questioned Cruz’s eligibility and Tapper asked if Rubio’s eligibility was similarly in question. “It’s a different thing… [Rubio] was born here; he was born in the land,” Trump told Tapper.

Tapper then cut to a dialogue between Trump and George Stephanopoulos where Trump maintained that he “did not know” if Rubio would be eligible.

Cupp blasted Trump, saying,

“Trump is trying to communicate that this Cuban-American might be someone to be afraid of to a very small group of voters who believe that all of the problems in the world and all of their personal problems are the result of people who don’t look like them. It’s really sad that that’s been catching on anywhere, and it’s sad and intellectually dishonest that Trump keeps trying to assert these narratives about Cruz, Carson, now Rubio. But ultimately, I think most people know and believe that Marco Rubio is eligible to run for president.”

“That is absolutely ridiculous,” Pierson asserted. “Trying to make this about race is absurd.”

“I agree — you should tell your boss that,” Cupp retorted.

Pierson was left defending an indefensible position; however, Cupp’s assessment was inaccurate.

Trump is not trying to make this about race, but he is trying to gain an edge while, laughably, blasting competitor Ted Cruz for running a negative, mean-spirited campaign.

This election has become a very dirty affair. While it is lamentable that it has become so negative, Mr. Trump playing the role of the hurt puppy with the sensitive feelings doesn’t quite fit- especially when he is throwing more jabs and ruthless barbs than anyone else in the election.

Trump’s birther claims is bothersome not because of any supposed racial element, but because fo the blinding hypocrisy evident in them as he criticizes others for doing things that are far more in-bounds than this current stunt.

The best analysis of this recent stance was Tapper’s own who concluded succinctly:

“I will just say, I did ask him that same exact question a few weeks ago, and he said there was no issue. The only thing that I know that has changed is that Rubio has done better in South Carolina and Iowa since then.”

Marco Rubio cannot be trusted with the presidency because he is the face of Republican amnesty efforts and cozy with the establishment who has routinely betrayed the conservative base of the GOP- not because his parents were born in Cuba.

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