VIDEO: Leading Conservative Explains Why He Could NEVER Vote for Donald Trump

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Leading conservative voice, Erick Erickson, who penned an opinion piece on his new website The Resurgent entitled, “I Will Not Vote For Donald Trump. Ever.,” appeared on FOX Business with Charles Payne on Tuesday with RINO former Senator Scott Brown, a Trump supporter, to dicsuss why he would not vote for Trump, even in the general election.

Payne began by asking Erickson why he would never vote for the bombastic billionaire and reality TV actor under any circumstance.

Erickson questioned Trump’s sincerity and authenticity, pointing out his lifelong record of liberalism, as well as bankrolling the Democrat Party establishment, while shedding light on Trump’s inability to articulate the pivot point where he became a conservative.

“Because I don’t think Donald Trump is a conservative,” Erickson answered. “He’s certainly running as a conservative now but I don’t think there was a road to Damascus conversion. I think he converted because he wants to date the preacher’s daughter and he’ll go back to be the Donald Trump he’s been for the last ten years once he’s gotten everyone’s vote.”

“Four years ago, Donald Trump opposed the Republicans — funded the Democrats. Two years ago, he opposed conservatives — funded the establishment. Now I’m supposed to believe that he’s a conservative?” Erickson asked rhetorically.

Eric Erickson is completely accurate on that front, as public records show that Trump has bankrolled the likes of Nancy Pelosi , Charles Schumer , Harry Reid , and even Hillary Clinton and establishment RINO Mitch McConnell .

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Erickson took major issue with Trump referring to Planned Parenthood as “wonderful,” noting that the organization “chops up children and sells their body parts.”

Scott Brown, a failed RINO senator who has lost two consecutive elections for the U.S. Senate because he betrayed the conservatives who elected him by voting for tyrannical big government bills like Dodd-Frank, and then bragging about it, continued with the worn out establishment line that fake conservatives must continue to be elected in order to protect America from Democrats.

As we all know, phony Republicans tend to always lose general elections (see Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney) and when Republicans had the presidency and both houses of Congress under George W. Bush, the national debt grew faster than at any time in history, only to be surpassed by Barack Obama.

Conservative must get in line, they must continue to hold their nose, as in prior elections, and vote for establishment-approved candidates only (Yes, Donald Trump is establishment — he has funded the establishment in both parties. He “can’t be bought” because he did the buying).

By the way, last month Trump floated RINO Scott Brown as a potential VP running mate, so his support of Trump may be based on ulterior motives since he can’t seem to get elected.


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