VIDEO: Montel Williams: ‘Why Don’t We Use this as an Opportunity to Register Gun Owners?’

On Thursday, things got heated between Fox News’ Kennedy and media personality Montel Williams who is never shy about playing the part of “outraged citizen” when there is a tragedy to be politicized in America.

On the show, Williams and Kennedy sparred as they discussed the San Bernardino terrorist attack and Williams pushed to use the tragedy as an excuse to create a federal gun registry- an intrusive notion that has no connection whatsoever to the attack.

Williams parroted the anti-prayer rhetoric of the left that asserts that thoughts and prayers in the moments after tragedy “aren’t enough.”

He then transitioned to a preposterous analogy and claimed that since we must pass diving tests and obtain licensing to drive automobiles, the same idea should apply to firearm ownership.

Before he even got done with his lengthy and absurd contention, Kennedy had already heard enough and began mumbling in disappointment, “Montel, Montel… You’re a smart person… and you’re a lot smarter than that… this is not about guns!”

What Williams failed to understand, however, is that driving in America is a privilege. Gun ownership is a right and an uninfringeable right at that. Creating a registry for gun ownership is as constitutional as requiring a permit to speak freely.

Williams begged to be allowed to finish. When Kennedy relented, there was no big twist; Williams pushed for a gun registry.

“Why don’t we use this as an opportunity to register gun owners? ‘Cause American citizens who could be radicalized… are sitting there as your neighbor,” Williams stated.

Kennedy promptly pointed-out that the San Bernardino terrorists had bombs and questioned if we should have a “bomb registry,” too- a nod to the fact that criminals and terrorists do not abide by such measures.

The conversation got more heated as Williams asserted that people should be able to know who is and who is not armed, a concept that will greatly aid criminals when they’re deciding who to rob, rape or murder.

The TV personality claimed that he did not want to eradicate the Second Amendment, but merely put the government in charge of deciding who is too “crazy” to be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights.

Williams finished by claiming to be a Second Amendment supporter. However, unless the preceding few minutes had been a twisted bit of satire, it seems that Mr. Williams hates the right that protects all others as no man who so vigorously pushes for infringements upon citizens’ Second Amendment rights can claim to be a friend to the right to bear arms.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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