VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi LITERALLY Thanks Mainstream Media for Parroting Liberal Talking Points

Remember when the Democrats were supposedly outraged that the Republicans allegedly forced a government shutdown? The Democrats pretended that there existed a solemn duty to rubberstamp any and all agenda items pushed by the president and when they failed to do so, Democrats walked away from the table and labeled Republicans as “obstructionists.”

Fast forward to Wednesday and we see who the real obstructionists are. Not only did House Democrats waste a day in Congress, but they literally threw a temper tantrum like a spoiled four-year-old crying in a Target toy aisle.

They sat on the floor like stubborn children for 26 hours demanded some sort of vote on legislation that they had not crafted. The DNC fundraised heavily off of this pathetic publicity stunt and when it was over, despite not having achieved a single thing, Democrats claimed some sort of victory and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi actually thanked the mainstream media for dutifully echoing their anti-Second Amendment message.

On Wednesday, Pelosi claimed that she and her fellow Democrats hoped to create an “echo chamber” on the need to bring forth legislation to undermine the Second Amendment.

“This is an echo,” Pelosi said. “We are echoing each other, and what we hope to do is create an echo chamber throughout America of a repeated message of no bill, no break.”

On Thursday, despite no bill having been crafted to accomplish these pathetic goals, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats claimed victory and she thanked the media for carrying her message and creating a liberal echo chamber.

“In any event, thank you all,” Pelosi said. “I never saw the gallery so full. We really kept you up late and during the night and all the rest … But thank you for your interest, and they gave me six pages today. Six small-print, full pages listing of newspapers around the country where the sit-in was on the front page. I thank you for that. Thank you all.”

When Pelosi finally left, the media pushed the hard questions for the obstructionists that had shutdown the House of Representatives with a publicity stunt:

Luke Russert asked the tough question of whether she attended Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

The liberal mainstream media is nothing short of an extension of the Democrat Party. While both Democrats and the media have in previous years attempted to pretend that they are not the same entity, they are slowly dropping the act and coming to terms with their reality: that Democrats are merely the tyrants and the media is the propaganda agent upon which all tyrants rely to manipulate the people.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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