VIDEO: PolitiStick Editor Blasts Hillary: ‘Only a Narcissist Would Still be in the Race at this Point’

On Tuesday,’s Jennifer Burke joined Houston’s conservative talk radio giant Sam Malone to discuss a wide range of issues including President Obama’s racial rhetoric and Hillary Clinton’s meandering 2016 presidential bid.

Malone and Burke begin by discussing a tragedy in the two’s hometown of Houston, the senseless and seemingly racially-motivated killing of Deputy Darren Goforth.

America remains torn-apart along racial lines and as violence erupts against whites and police officers, Burke has noted that Texas Senator and 2016 presidential contender Ted Cruz has been the only presidential candidate willing to cite America’s race-hustlers and their divisive rhetoric as a contributing factor to the slaughter of deputy Goforth- even calling Obama out directly for his willingness to indulge the “#BlackLivesMatter” narrative.

The conversation soon shifted to a discussion of Hillary Clinton’s disastrous campaign that is fraught with continued missteps and declining poll numbers.

Burke claimed that considering the plummeting poll numbers from which Clinton’s campaign suffers,

“Only a narcissist would still be in the race at this point.”

“The democrats… have tried to shield her and prop her up and she has launched and relaunched her campaign- it’s not working. She has too much baggage, she has too many negatives.”

Burke noted that potential voters, when polled, have routinely responded that Hillary is “untrustworthy” and “a liar.”

“For pundits to say, ‘You know, someone doesn’t have to be trustworthy to be president’- I’ve heard actual Democrat pundits say that on TV- it’s so disingenuous and sad,” Burke said.

Malone noted that he thought it was great that Hillary was still running as her doing so shines a light onto the failures of the Democrat Party and the inherent lack of diversity that they claim to represent. Noting that the 2016 Democrat field is filled with a bunch of “crusty old white people,” Malone opined that the 2016 Republican field, a very diverse group, represents the “fabric of America.”

As the two wondered why Hillary has opted to stay in the race despite the resounding message from the polls, Burke noted,

“Then again, she’s kept the press at bay, they’ve kept the press roped-off, they’ve sent just regular, everyday Americans who wanted to say something to her to the back of the line- they shield her so much. That’s why the Democrats aren’t having a debate until October.”

“I’m looking at the whole Hillary campaign and I’m wondering, ‘Is this who we really want to be president?’ I mean, she talks about elitists, she rails against CEOs, despite the fact tht she charges colleges $250,000 to speak… That’s what the Clintons are all about: making the money.”

Malone noted that as Hillary simultaneously labels Republicans as “terrorists,” the same former Secretary of State has lined her pockets with money from Muslim nations who are so extreme that they don’t let women in their country drive or vote and, astonishingly, the media never seems to highlight this remarkable hypocrisy.

“No, they don’t bring it up. It’s just like Planned Parenthood. Hillary has ties to Planned Parenthood and I was appalled that she would actually defend them,” Burke explained.

Burke blasted Hillary for standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter “movement” who protest and voice outrage whenever a black person is killed during the commission of a crime, but that she also stands with Planned Parenthood, who murders a disproportionately large amount of black babies.

“How hypocritical is that?” Burke questioned rhetorically.

Sam Malone is a fixture within Texas and was even nominated for induction into the Texas radio Hall of Fame. His show is an icon of the Houston area and is the first radio show in the nation to be broadcasted live on video on Facebook.

For the full show, please click here.

Watch below for Jennifer Burke’s segment. Her interview begins at approximately the 1:01:00 mark.

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