VIDEO: PolitiStick Editor SLAMS Obama’s ‘Shameful’ Cuba Speech and His Promotion of ‘Victim Class’

On Tuesday, President Obama addressed an audience in Havana, Cuba, and shamelessly pandered to the communist government which was in attendance. Barely referencing the fresh terrorist attack in Belgium that was enabled by a liberal immigration policy Obama seeks to mimic for the U.S., the bulk of the president’s speech served as a shameful betrayal of American foreign policy that has kept communism from spreading in the Western Hemisphere for five decades.

Obama even invoked slavery as a means of finding commonality between the two neighboring nations.

“We both live in a new world, colonized by Europeans. Cuba was in part built by slaves who were brought from Africa,” he said. “Like the United States, Cuba can trace her heritage to both slaves and slave owners.”

On Wednesday, PolitiStick Editor Jennifer Burke blasted Obama’s remarks on Newsmax TV, highlighting,

“I’m so thankful that my parents did not raise me to have a chip on my shoulder because of the color of my skin,” Burke bluntly stated when asked about Obama’s remarks. “I’ll tell you, Barack Obama grew up in a much-more affluent [environment] with much more prestigious schools than I did. And it’s shameful, yes, America had slaves. They actually got slaves from other black Africans in Africa and you know what? We are the country that actually ended slavery. So, all that does is continue to create a victim class.”

“I wasn’t alive during the time of slavery,” Burke added. “Whatever happened back then does not impact, influence or dictate my life now; I’m the one with control over my life, but that’s not the message the left wants to send because they love to create a continued victim class because that helps give them power over those people. I thought [Obama’s] speech was shameful… If it was something he could have turned into a gun control measure or a racial grievance industry opportunity, there would have been anger in his voice.”

“Not only are those 57 seconds [Obama spent speaking about Belgium] an embarrassment because of what he said, but also because of the emotionless way in which he said it.”

Burke’s analysis is dead-on; few attempt to defend America’s shameful history regarding racism, but only the left seeks to continue to exploit and reopen societal wounds for political gain.

The left relies on division- division between the races, between the “haves” and “have nots,” division between the sexes. This division allows for an exploitative message to take hold in “victim” communities and such messages have done tremendous damage to this nation over the past half-century.

Further, Obama telegraphed his priorities when he offered a palfrey, ho-hum condemnation of the terrorist attacks against our allies but continued-on with a beaming embrace of the communist dictatorship that he has shamefully befriended on behalf of the U.S.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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