VIDEO: PolitiStick’s Jennifer Burke Explains the Donald Trump Phenomenon on Newsmax TV

Jennifer Burke explains the Trump phenomenon

With real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump shocking the political establishment, PolitiStick editor-in-chief and co-founder Jennifer Burke appeared on Newsmax TV on Monday to weigh in on the 2016 presidential race and why the political newcomer is resonating so much thus far and why he hasn’t crashed and burned as many political pundits have predicted.

Appearing Monday evening on Newsmax Prime, hosted by former congressman J.D. Hayworth, with investor and conservative advocate Foster Friess, Jennifer said that Trump’s candidacy has taken off so strongly because people “were thirsty for someone to fight for an identity for this country” and that people find it refreshing that he’s unwilling to backdown from a fight:

“People tried to get him to back down from statements that he made regarding illegal immigrants and his desire to build a wall to protect America.

People latched onto him because they were thirsty for someone to fight for an identity for this country which is what we fail to have with the incredible influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border every single day.

I think that’s why, despite all the things that he’s said that have led people to believe to a drop in the polls — he hasn’t, because people find it refreshing that he’s not backing down from his fight.

There’s not many people fighting for people like Kate Steinle in San Francisco, who was killed by an illegal immigrant, and Donald Trump is the one person giving them a voice.”

Friess said that “Donald is Donald and we need to honor him for who he is. I think he brings a lot to the table because he’s honest and forthright — he drives the thought police crazy.”

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Friess, a supporter of Rick Santorum whom he also supported in the 2012 GOP primary, said that Santorum “not only wants to reduce illegal immigration, but also thinks that there’s too many legal immigrants taking jobs away from American workers.”

Moving on to discuss the one year anniversary of the Ferguson race riots and new hostilities there, Burke said that she wished that the Black Lives Matter movement “would take the passion that they have and use it to make a difference within their own communities.”

Watch the entire segment below via Newsmax TV:

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