VIDEO: Refugees in Italy PROTEST Being Fed Pasta Instead of the Food of Their Homeland

For centuries, immigrants came to America to work hard and succeed. They worked hard, learned the language and became Americans in every way while still cherishing the culture of their former homeland.

However, it’s clear that the immigrant experience has changed dramatically and not just in the U.S.

European countries are dealing with the cultural clashes that come from a wave of immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East who assert that they are under no obligation to succumb to the societal norms of their generous adoptive country.

Recently, protests in Italy broke out after North African immigrants were given pasta for meals instead of the food of their home countries.

Yes- refugees fleeing to a generous country who gave them free food began to protest because of the meal selections.

In Bresso, Italy, a group of about 40 asylum-seekers began protesting the “poor living conditions” they were given which included pasta for meals. These 40 or so immigrants caused a stir and refused to eat the “pasta with tomato sauce, bread and eggs” meals they were given.

Pasta, tomatoes, bread and eggs? It sounds like a well-balanced meal!

The protesters blocked a road with a wooden bench and threw-down their food and declared that “we do not eat this stuff.” They also slashed tires on cars to protest their treatment.

Similar protests have erupted in refugee centers in Sicily and Rome.

Certainly, we can assume that not all refugees behave like this. However, it should give the Western world pause.

If this is the level of assimilation we can expect, can we really import tens-of-thousands of refugees? If they are getting upset over pasta and bread, what will they do when we ask them to allow their daughters to read?

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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