VIDEO: Ted Cruz Calls-Out Obama DIRECTLY: ‘Come Back and Insult Me to My Face!’

Texas Senator and 2016 presidential contender Ted Cruz is seemingly undeterred by anything. He has been attacked by Democrats, attacked by Republicans, attacked by media and the president of the United States. Sen. Cruz, in every instance, has shown a backbone that is conspicuously rare in modern politics and on Wednesday, as reporters questioned Cruz about President Obama’s response to resistance to the importation of Syrians, he issued a strong ultimatum: “Come back and insult me to my face.”

Obama demonized opponents of the relocation and called them “un-American” and claimed that their positions serve as a “recruitment tool” for ISIS.

Of course, as politics in the Middle East are dominated by displays of power, Obama’s weakness likely serves as the real “recruitment tool” to strengthen ISIS’ forces.

Outside the Capitol Hill Club on Wednesday, Cruz addressed reporters and even addressed Obama directly on the issue of the Syrian refugees which serve as a fantastic delivery tool for ISIS operatives into the United States and Obama’s own divisive and insulting rhetoric. (Emphasis added)

“I will say it is fairly remarkable that President Obama has now chosen, two days in a row, to attack my record. He just called me offensive. The day before, he called me ‘un-American.’

It is really quite rich that chose to make both of those insults on foreign soil while he was abroad — attacking me and attacking everyone else in this country who does not want to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees that the Obama administration cannot vet to determine whether or not they are ISIS terrorists.

I gotta tell you, it is utterly unbeffitting of the president to be engaging in those kinds of personal insults and attacks. He talked about how he was belittling the Republicans as scared.

Well let me suggest something, Mr. President. If you want to insult me, you can do it overseas, you can do it in Turkey, you can do it in foreign countries, but I would encourage you, Mr. President, come back and insult me to my face.

Let’s have a debate on Syrian refugees right now. We can do it anywhere you want. I’d prefer it in the United States and not overseas where you’re making these insults, but it is easy to toss a chap insult when no one can respond.

But let’s have a debate, I’m sure any one of the TV stations would love to host it, and let’s have a debate on your refugee policy.”

That sound you just heard was the mic dropping…

Cruz shared the interaction on Twitter:

With the throw-down challenge making its way around the net, the liberal media will surely label Cruz’s brash challenge a sign of “disrespect” to our president- a president who holds seething contempt for America and our way of life and routinely disrespects those with whom he disagrees.

It takes guts to stand-up for what is right, but it takes serious guts to call-out the president of the United States.

If this were a different time in politics, Ted Cruz would have already dueled with political foes. This is the closest we can get to a modern-day Weehawken shootout.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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