Must Watch VIDEO Destroys the Left’s Narrative on What Causes Mass Shootings, Explains the Real Problem

Once again Bill Whittle of Afterburner brilliantly explains the problems with mass shootings. He lays out the liberal left’s song and dance that spreads the narrative that guns, and the NRA, are the problem. Then, Whittle breaks down their narrative with what the actual problem is!

It is not the guns, or the knives or any other weapon a psychopath may use. It is how the ‘modern man’ is being raised by the broken down family life.

Whittle is 100% correct in his theory that society and ‘modern men’ in general are the problems, not the steel.  We need to stop focusing on the actual act of aggression and glamorizing it in the media (whether we mention the killers’ names or not), but instead start focusing on creating stronger family units.

We need to focus on communities coming together and not tearing them apart with differing opinions. We need REAL leadership in this world, ASAP!

Watch Bill’s video here:

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Kristina Hall
Kristina Hall
Kris is a wife, mother and grandmother. After 12 years in the car industry, she decided to leave in 2010 in order to dive into the world of politics. Kris was not, however, interested in politics as usual. She wanted to help make a change and right the wrongs that have been done to our great Republic. She is a defender of the Constitution and wants to do her part in saving the country for future generations. Working for one of the top conservative groups in the country, Kris served in an instrumental role in all the major events that were planned. Her diversity of skills led her to jobs ranging from database management and content creation to company administration and managing merchandise as well as any other hole that needed to be plugged.

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