VIDEO: Trump Fanatic Confronts Ted Cruz Over ‘Stealing’ Delegates. He Sets Her Straight…

The primary election process is an absolute maze of weird rules and nonsensical restrictions. States craft their own rules for elections and they vary wildly from state to state.

It is a quagmire of frustration and nonsense. Still, Donald Trump and his legion of diehard supporters insist that Ted Cruz has somehow behaved unethically by learning the rules and operating within them.

One such supporter is Kathy Hiel, a Trump supporter who confronted Ted Cruz outside an Indiana ice cream shop to confront him with the same indignant questions that he has already answered dozens of times before.

“We haven’t even voted at a local level yet, so how can you justify that and how can you say you aren’t the establishment candidate?” Hiel asked Cruz.

“In Colorado, 65,000 people voted,” Cruz replied. “The people that voted are the grassroots activists, the exact opposite of the establishment.”

Hiel insisted that no vote was ever cast in Colorado. Cruz noted that that was not true, that 65,000 people attended the delegate conventions. She then switched and said that it was Wyoming where nobody voted.

“The problem was that Donald Trump and his campaign said no vote was cast in Colorado, 65,000 people voted,” Cruz said.

“Indiana has no votes cast and we have our delegates chosen to the national committee still,” Hiel questioned. “[H]ow can you have delegates without a vote?”

This has been explained dozens of times, but no explanation seems to satisfy the Trump loyalists who have opted to switch-off their brains in order to parrot the mantras of the wishy-washy “conservative” who only complains about the “rigged” system when he loses.

Cruz stated that “every state sets up different rules” and explained that he didn’t make the rules. As for being an “establishment” candidate, Cruz explained that he has consistently fought the establishment and noted that while the establishment was supporting amnesty for illegals, Donald Trump was financing the “Gang of Eight” fight while Ted Cruz fought it tooth-and-nail.

“$50,000 isn’t funding much of anything,” the Trump zealot replied in reference to Trump’s financial support for Gang of Eight amnesty proponents.

“Well, I gave zero dollars and I led the fight against it,” Cruz replied. “Donald trump in 2013 was tweeting out his support for amnesty at the time.”

The woman wanted nothing to do with a conversation that dealt in facts and after repeated overtures to keep the conversation respectful, the conversation ended after Hiel claimed that Cruz is not eligible to be president as he is allegedly not a national born citizen.

Cruz noted that he was willing to have a civilized conversation and said that if a confrontational opponent approached Mr. Trump in a similar fashion, the conversation would likely end in violence- a valid point considering Trump’s evident disdain for being challenged on any of his talking points.

Hiel later revealed to ABC News that she was a Trump a supporter and claimed that Cruz should “step out” of the race.

For years, I maintained a certain smugness about me, content in the belief that conservatives are smarter than those who were duped into buying-into Obama’s cult of personality.

It turns out, however, that I was wrong. While there are some legitimate reasons to like Trump on occasion, there still remains a sizable portion of his fan base that remain unmovable on issues and immune to logic or the emergence of facts. These zealots can be easily spotted by dutifully reciting the dogma of The Donald regardless of whatever facts that directly contradict their claims.

This is the edited broadcast on ABC News:

This is a compilation of the event, but includes more video of the confrontation

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