VIDEO: Watch Target Manager’s UNBELIEVABLE Response when Man Asks to Use Women’s Restroom

Target has made it clear where they stand on the comfort of their customers. People lawfully carrying firearms are prohibited from entering the store. People wishing to smoke a cigarette are disallowed from doing so for the health and safety of the other customers.

However, men wishing to use the girls’ bathroom are encouraged to do so as, apparently, Target proudly condones the validation of mental illness and/or perversion as a civil rights issue.

Target has expressed that their national store policy is that people may use whatever restroom they wish. While they have highlighted this as a stand to ensure the comfort of their allegedly transgendered customers, they have condemned the rest of their customer base to discomfort by forcing them to share a restroom with a person of the opposite sex.

One man tested this policy and crafted a video which has gone viral. Andy Park posted the below video to his Facebook and it includes him visiting a Target store in Florida and inquiring about the store’s bathroom policy.

Park asked about the policy and insisted that he needed clarification on whether he could actually use whatever bathroom he wished.

The young man behind the counter was hesitant to indulge the conversation but paged his superior who could speak on the matter on behalf of the company.

When Park spoke with the manager, he questioned if he was actually allowed to use the women’s restroom and the manager assured him that that was correct.

Park pushed further and questioned what would happen if any of the women had a problem with him using their facilities. The manager explained that if any women had a problem with him using their restroom that he will talk to them and explain that Park could use the restroom.

This is where we must take a stand. No, it’s not about bathrooms… Well, it’s not just about bathrooms; it’s about the divergence from sheer common sense. It is about a cultural transformation that is occurring that places the needs of the victim class over the needs of the rest of the hardworking, normal Americans who are just trying to raise their kids, live their lives and who are finding it harder and harder to be left alone from the consequences of insane leftist policies and endless social justice crusades that seek to destroy our societal pillars.

In essence: it’s about fighting back. Please remember to boycott Target and let them know that so long as they validate delusion and perversion, they will lose business.

The discussion with the Target employee begins around the one-minute mark.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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