VIDEO: What Furious Muslim Parents Say at School Meeting Should TERRIFY All Americans!

Though the left loves to preach the value of multiculturalism, they do not respect the value of differing American cultures. They will crusade for America to cave to the cultural expectation of Muslims, but refuse to tolerate Christian viewpoints on abortion or homosexual unions. They will claim that in the name of “tolerance,” we, as a society, cannot tolerate any mention of the Confederacy or any reverence for one’s Southern heritage.

It is this conflict that the Islamic world hopes to exploit. While the left foolishly asserts that it is our duty to yield to Shariah law, those who mean America harm are all-too-willing to exploit this perverse breed of “tolerance.”

Recently, irate Muslim parents confronted school officials in New Jersey and warned that they will soon be the “majority.”

The Jersey City Board of Education had initially decided to close local schools September 24th to observe the upcoming Muslim holiday of Eid- al-Adha. However, the board decided during a lengthy meeting last Thursday to not close the schools and inconvenience the district’s non-Muslim families.

‘Doing this at this point on six days’ notice for this upcoming holiday is going to cause undue hardship on 5,000 to 10,000 people who are going to have to scramble to get coverage for their children,’ board member Gerald Lyons explained to the crowd.

Though Muslim parents could always opt to keep their children home that day, many decided, instead, to accost the officials and make a scene.

At one point, a Muslim woman in a purple headscarf ascended to the microphone and issued a warning to officials: “We’re no longer the minority, that’s clear from tonight. We’re going to be the majority soon!”

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There may be some truth in this taunt. As the Obama Administration is set to allow hundreds of thousands of Islamic immigrants to immigrate to the U.S. as refugees, America will soon be accepting many Muslims from the Middle East and many potential terrorists who have secured fake identification papers.

Recently, a UK journalist spent five days and $2,000 to procure several forms of passable, forged Syrian identification documents, including a passport, to showcase how easy it is for an ISIS fighter to secure forged documents that would grant them legal access to the United States.

Many, many Muslims manage to practice their religion peacefully all around the globe. However, we cannot afford to pretend any longer that the U.S. is not at war with adherents of radical Islam and, unfortunately, many who worship Allah have perverted the Koran’s teachings to justify violence and maintaining a majority in a population all but ensures an increased risk of fanaticism and violence.

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