VIDEO: You Won’t Believe How Easy it is to Get a Forged Syrian Passport!

The Obama Regime has declared that the U.S. is set to welcome hundreds-of-thousands of Muslim refugees fleeing violence in Syria. Of course, the situation is tragic and many, many people are in need of help.

However, as the Western world remains at war with radical Islam (whether President Obama wishes to admit it or not), the idea of welcoming hundreds-of-thousands of refugees into the U.S. from a region rife with Islamic extremism is not only foolish, but downright dangerous.

To make matters worse, many who immigrate to the U.S. or to Europe my do so under false pretenses and we have virtually no way of identifying who people truly are.

One reporter for the UK’s The Daily Mail not only obtained forged Syrian documents, but claims it took about five days and $2,000 to do it.

Nick Fagge obtained the forged passport, ID card and driver’s license that was smuggled over the border into Turkey.

Blank documents were stolen from Syria and smuggled over the border into Turkey. There, a Syrian forger added Fagge’s photo and used the name of a Syrian man killed in Aleppo last year and voila, a new identity was born in under a week.

Beyond simply being illegal, the act could invite terrorism as ISIS fighters obtain Syrian documents to gain asylum in Europe and hide amongst the refugees to commit acts of terrorism.

Worse yet, the forger who furnished the documents says that ISIS is already doing exactly that. “ISIS fighters are among the people going to Europe in this way. They are going to wait for the right time to become a fighter for ISIS again,” the unnamed forger said.

Obtaining asylum in Europe allows for the possibility to gain citizenship. Once a terrorist gains citizenship, he can gain a European passport which would make his entrance into the U.S. very easy.

What is occurring in the Middle East is truly awful. While we can certainly feel for those fleeing violence, the West’s willingness to open our doors to the Muslim world can only bring violence to our doorstep.

If only our president were half as concerned with stomping-out terrorism as he is with battling dissenters here at home.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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